What airlines fly from Boston to Cabo San Lucas?

Best-rated airlines for this route

  • 8.3. Alaska Airlines.
  • 8.0.
  • 7.7. Sun Country Air.
  • 7.5. Aeromexico.
  • 7.1.
  • 7.1. Air Canada.
  • 5.6. Spirit Airlines.

Similarly, what airline flies to Los Cabos?

The following airlines provide service to Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and Los Cabos, Mexico.

  • Aero California. has service from Los Angeles and Tucson Phone: (624)146-5252.
  • Continental Airlines.
  • Delta Airlines.
  • Real Turismo.
  • Southwest Airlines.
  • Sunquest Vacations.

Furthermore, how far is Cabo San Lucas from Boston? The calculation of flight time is based on the straight line distance from Boston, MA to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (“as the crow flies”), which is about 2,600 miles or 4 185 kilometers. Your trip begins in Boston, Massachusetts.

does JetBlue fly to Los Cabos?

JetBlue Airways Airfares to Los Cabos When you have cheap airfare deals right at your fingertips, there’s no need to spend a fortune on your next big trip. We provide a list of JetBlue Airways flight deals to Los Cabos, so you can save money when you travel.

What is the main airport in Cabo San Lucas?

Los Cabos International Airport

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Is Cabo expensive?

From a price standpoint, Los Cabos is a bit more expensive than most other Mexican resort areas, but still quite reasonably by international standards. With its large share of 5-star tourists, there are also many very expensive restaurants and shops, but still plenty of places suited to smaller budgets as well.

Do I need a passport to go to Cabo?

Passport Rules Under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, visitors returning by air must have a valid passport. US travelers who head south by car or on the sea can opt to apply for a cheaper passport card, issued under the NEXUS or SENTRI Trusted Traveler Programs, or show a driver’s license with an RFID chip.

What is the cheapest time to go to Cabo?

May to June When the temperatures start to rise in the United States, expect prices to drop in Mexico. If you’re looking for the “best” time to visit Los Cabos, May through June is probably it. The weather will be quite warm, but the tourists will have gone home.

What is the best time of year to go to Cabo San Lucas?

Best Times to Visit Cabo San Lucas. The best time to visit Cabo is from May to June, when the wintertime crowds have gone home and the summertime storms have yet to hit. October and November are also nice months for a vacation, but you’ll need to begin your hotel search early if you want to save money.

What is the best airline to fly to Cabo San Lucas?

Best-rated airlines flying to San José del Cabo Alaska Airlines, Delta, Sun Country Air are the highest-rated carriers for this route, as reviewed by KAYAK users.

How safe is Cabo San Lucas?

Being isolated, it does not face the issues prevalent elsewhere in Mexico as a result of drug trafficking and the resulting unrest. Authorities in the U.S. tend to monitor these areas for their safety to tourists. From a political and social viewpoint, Cabo San Lucas is considered by them to be rather safe.

Is Los Cabos the same as Cabo San Lucas?

what’s the difference? Cabo San Lucas is a town and Los Cabos is the area that consist of Cabo San Lucas, San Jose Del Cabo and the corridor between the 2 cities which has numerous resorts.

Is Cabo Safe 2019?

While some states in Mexico have been deemed safety risks, earning Level 3 and 4 distinctions due to crime, the U.S. government has said resort regions such as Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Puerto Vallarta and more are still safe despite a recent murder of an American tourist over a mile outside Playa del Carmen’s

What is the cheapest day to fly on JetBlue?

Cheapest days to fly: Usually Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. JetBlue fare sales often restrict travel to those days.

What cities does Jet Blue fly to?

In the northeastern United States, JetBlue is one of the largest airlines. Since 2012, JetBlue’s focus has been on expanding service from Boston and the Caribbean. Top cities. Rank Airport Departures 3 Fort Lauderdale 117 4 Orlando 84 5 Long Beach 36 6 Washington–National 30

What airports does JetBlue fly to?

JetBlue Boston. Fort Lauderdale. Long Beach. New York–JFK. Orlando. San Juan.

Can you fly direct to Cabo San Lucas?

All scheduled direct (non-stop) flights from San Jose Del Cabo (SJD) Los Cabos International (SJD) is a mid-sized airport based in San Jose Del Cabo, Mexico. You can fly to 40 destinations with 14 airlines in scheduled passenger traffic.

Are there any direct flights to Los Cabos?

Los Cabos Welcomes New Nonstop Flights from Six U.S. Cities. 20 with a new weekly nonstop flight on Saturdays from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport to the Los Cabos International Airport in San Jose del Cabo.

Does Southwest fly to Cabo from LAX?

It’s easy to find the Los Angeles International Airport to Los Cabos International Airport flight to make your booking and travel a breeze. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, solo or with the whole family, you’ll enjoy flying Southwest®.

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