Do LifeProof cases have a lifetime guarantee?

LifeProof and its affiliated companies worldwide (“LifeProof”) warrants our LifeProof products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the original date of purchase of the product by a consumer (the “Warranty Period”).

Subsequently, one may also ask, what does LifeProof case warranty cover?

The TWPP Limited Warranty only covers water damage that occurs while your electronic device is inside of the LifeProof case due to a material or workmanship defect of the LifeProof case. Any other damage is not covered under the TWPP Limited Warranty.

Furthermore, how do I claim my LifeProof warranty? To submit a warranty claim, visit or call 1-888-533-0735. Any warranty claims must be made by customer no later than sixty (60) calendar days after the expiration of the applicable Warranty Period.

Hereof, will LifeProof replace a broken case?

If a material or workmanship defect arises with regard to any LifeProof product, and a valid claim is received within the Warranty Period, LifeProof will (1) repair the LifeProof product using new or refurbished parts or (2) replace the LifeProof product with a new or refurbished LifeProof product.

Do you have to send old LifeProof case back?

Your LifeProof case and LifeProof accessories are covered by a full 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee policy. All LifeProof Products purchased from LifeProof may be returned within 30 days of purchase, as described below, to ensure that customer satisfaction is made on every purchase.

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Do you need a screen protector with LifeProof case?

If you have a lifeproof case your screen should be protected from that. The main thing with tempered glass screen protectors is that if you drop your phone it take the energy from the fall and breaks so your phonea screen won’t so its only really necessary if your using a light case.

Are LifeProof cases worth it?

The single most important piece of modern technology in my life, right there next to my phone, is my waterproof, dust-proof, shock-proof, and, yes, all-around LifeProof phone case. There are several waterproof iPhone cases like it, but this one is mine. Here’s why it’s well worth $90.

Which is better otterbox or LifeProof?

While Lifeproof is the number one selling protective waterproof iPhone case, Otterbox is number one in drop-proof iPhone cases. The slim profile of the Lifeproof works against it when it comes to higher drops. Audio quality is more affected when your iPhone is in the Lifeproof as opposed to when using the Otterbox.

Are LifeProof cases really waterproof?

Get peace of mind before an accident by selecting one of LifeProof’s durable, waterproof cases. Both the LifeProof NǕǕD and LifeProof FRĒ cases provide waterproof protection in up to 6.6 feet of water. They’re both DirtProof and SnowProof, too, and can survive drops from up to 4 feet.

How do you get dust out of a LifeProof case?

Wipe small stains off with a cloth. During daily use, you won’t want to do a deep cleaning every time your case accumulates dirt or dust. In these cases, use a soft cloth. Get the cloth damp with warm water then use it to wipe off the surface debris. Don’t clean with rough pads or brushes.

Does LifeProof cover cracked screens?

Both case types are waterproof, drop-proof, shock proof, slim and tough but the biggest difference is that the LifeProof Nuud cases do not include a screen protector. If you are prone to cracked or broken screens the LifeProof Fre is the clear choice for you.

Does otterbox replace phone if it breaks?

Otherwise Best Buy, nor Otter Box will cover a damaged phone, even if it broke inside the case. It’s a preventative measure, but it’s not 100% guaranteed to protect your phone from everything. No. No, they will not pay for your phone repair.

How long does it take to get a replacement LifeProof case?

When will I receive my replacement? You should receive an update on your claim within 72 hours of sending in the required information, followed by a tracking number when the replacement ships.

What do I do if my LifeProof case breaks?

Policy Regarding Damaged Items If you receive a damaged LifeProof Product, notify the delivery company immediately. Do not discard any of the box, shipping label, packing material, or broken items. The delivery company must pick up the damaged goods and provide you with a claim number.

How can I replace my LifeProof for free?

Please contact a customer service agent at 1-888-533-0735. The product you selected can’t be completed through an online warranty submission. We can still help you with your request! Please contact our Customer Service department at 1-888-533-0735.

Is LifeProof owned by OtterBox?

LifeProof is a U.S. consumer electronics accessory company headquartered in San Diego, California and acquired in 2013 by OtterBox. The company designs, manufactures, and markets cases that protect smartphone and tablet functionality and condition from water, snow, dirt, and shock.

Which LifeProof case is best?

The LifeProof Fre is the tougher case as it has a screen protector and the Nuud doesn’t. Both the Fre and Nuud are waterproof and shockproof up to 6.6 ft but if you were to drop the LifeProof Nuud face first without the screen protector, your screen is going to break.

How much does LifeProof warranty cost?

warranty form payment info. All warranty service requests are charged a $5.99 shipping and handling fee in addition to any applicable taxes.

How can I clean my LifeProof case?

Cleaning The Interior of the LifeProof Case Open your case and remove your iPhone or Android phone. Next, run warm water into a cup and mix in a small amount of detergent. Pour the mixture over the interior of the LifeProof case.

Can you use a Popsocket on a LifeProof case?

Old Lifeproof Fre and popsocket worked perfectly together, but since purchasing new items of both- the popsocket constantly comes off. Popsocket gives free sticky circles that go on your case or phone to make a popsocket stick.

How do I register my LifeProof case?

Step 1 – You will need the following Registration Number: Located on your registration card. Proof of Purchase of Case: Take a photo of your receipt to upload. Mobile Device’s IMEI/MEID/Serial Number: Find on your mobile device and take a photo to upload.

What products does LifeProof make today?

Samsung. Screen Protection. Case Accessories. iPhone 11 Pro. iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone 11. iPhone X. iPhone 8 Plus. Samsung. Galaxy S20. Galaxy S20+ Galaxy S20 Ultra. Galaxy Note10+ Case Accessories. Encased Dash & Windshield Car Mount. Giving Back. Careers.

What is a LifeProof Slam case?

Review: Lifeproof Slam Case for iPhone X. Lifeproof’s Slam case for the iPhone X is a two-piece model that provides drop protection from as high as two meters. It adds a splash of color to your phone in addition to peace of mind.

Where can I find LifeProof cases?

Where Else To Buy LifeProof Cases Best Buy. Apple Store. Verizon. AT&T. T-Mobile. Sprint. Target. Walmart.

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