Why didn’t Jeannie Mai invite her co host to her wedding?

You’re not supposed to be putting anybody in risk. So, with our family, we said ‘we are only going to invite our close family and people who know us both. ‘” These pandemic restrictions, she added, meant there was simply no way to accommodate their co-hosts.

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People also ask, did Jeannie leave The Real?

2 that Jeannie would be leaving the competition early due to an emergency health concern. “I am absolutely devastated that my journey on Dancing With the Stars has to end this way,” she said from her hospital bed at the time. … I had to get emergency surgery, which is why I’m here now.”

Moreover, did Loni Love Jeannie Mai’s wedding? Although Mai didn’t invite her co-hosts — Adrienne Bailon, Garcelle Beauvais and Loni Love — she shared that she did get in contact with them beforehand. “So, no. I didn’t invite the ladies,” she said.

Secondly, how did Jeezy meet his wife?

November 2018: Mai and Jeezy begin dating.

They met on the set of Mai’s daytime talk show The Real. Almost a full year later, Mai reflected on her early courtship with Jeezy during an episode of the show. “I just got to know him in November,” she said.

Is Jeannie Mai married on The Real?

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