Does Ant Design work with react native?

Features. Follow Ant Design Mobile UI specification. Configurable UI style for different products. Support web and native usages based on React Native.

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Subsequently, how do you customize ant design in react?

How to Customize Ant Design with React & Webpack — the Missing Guide

  1. Step One- Install Packages:
  2. Step Two — Configure Babel-loader:
  3. Step Three — Create a . less file for the ant theme variable overrides:
  4. Step four— Configure webpack less-loader:
  5. Step Five (optional) — configure fonts:
  6. Caveats.
Additionally, how do you use ant design icons in react native? Ant Design Icons for React Native

  1. Install. yarn add @ant-design/icons-react-native.
  2. Linking. react-native link @ant-design/icons-react-native. …
  3. Basic Usage. import { IconFill, IconOutline } from “@ant-design/icons-react-native”; …
  4. Component Interface.

Also know, is ant design a framework?

Ant Design – The world’s second most popular React UI framework.

Is Ant Design a library?

An enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library.

Is Ant Design react free?

Ant React Free Theme is a fully responsive free admin dashboard template built on top of React. It provides all necessary elements & components for web developers and is beautifully designed using Ant Design.

Is ANTD responsive?

Layout. Sider supports responsive layout. Note: You can get a responsive layout by setting breakpoint , the Sider will collapse to the width of collapsedWidth when window width is below the breakpoint . And a special trigger will appear if the collapsedWidth is set to 0.

Should I use ant design?

Ant design have rich components which are easily customizable, since its popular enough it gets a good community support. But Ant design bundle size is huge due to css . It uses momentjs for datatime related operations so momentjs copies all the localization files so try to configure the webpack as per your needs.

What companies use Ant Design?

Companies using antd

  • Ant Financial.
  • Alibaba.
  • Tencent.
  • Baidu.
  • Koubei.
  • Meituan.
  • Didi.
  • Eleme.

What is Ant Design system?

The Ant Design System is an open source code for enterprise-level UI design languages and React UI library. It comes with a set of high-quality React components, with theme customization capability. … Here are the npm trends for the Ant Design system (antd), compared with material-ui and react-bootstrap.

What is Ant framework?

Ant is a Java library and a software tool used for automate software build processes such as compile, run, test and assemble Java application. It is designed and developed by Apache Software Foundation and initially released on 19 July 2000. … Ant is written in Java and require JVM to build the Java projects.

Which is better material UI or ant design?

Unlike Ant Design, Material-UI offers built-in methods to style components. … But overall, Material-UI is a strong, highly customizable library.

Who invented ant design?

js(> 8.0. 0) correctly. Ant Design was born in China, being developed by mostly chinese contributors and heavily used by chinese companies like Ant Financial, Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, etc.

Who owns Ant Design system?

Ant Design

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