What Can You Do With An Education Degree?


Hi! You had typed in what can you do with an education degree. I certainly feel after being in the profession for 13 years as a teacher. I’ve asked that question a lot of times would be honest with you and done a lot of like looking into and asking questions and research and finding out.
You know, do, do I need to be a teacher for the rest of my life. Can I still use the skills that I feel like I’m really good at but maybe get into a realm of something a little bit different.
So obviously you know I think the most logical thing is what can you do with an education degree where, you can be a teacher.
So obviously you know I think the most logical thing is what can you do with an education degree where, you can be a teacher. You can know I started out in elementary school and I moved on to middle school and it seemed like with each move.
I enjoyed the next move a little bit more. You could be a high school teacher. I’ve never done that or I certainly know a number of professors that are have moved into the college ranks and they love that niche. They love being able to maybe impact a group of people, who have a pretty large skill set and then just build on that and I certainly know some people, who have gotten out of the teaching profession.
You know altogether and they went and became trainers in the corporate world. So what would happen is the corporate, corporation would call them up and say. We have a curriculum.
We would like for you to teach to our employees and they would come in and they would educate them on that. So they were so good to have the opportunity to impact people’s lives through the skills that a teacher has and so you know one of the other things I know of some people doing is that.
They would kind of build their own business as a tutor and you know get referrals from schools and things like that and then they would tutor kids outside of school to help their skill set. Then you know because you do have a degree you are marketable in a lot of other fields that you know you might not think of maybe a corporate job.
You would be able to get into, you know I always believe that the teacher has the skill set to really get into any profession that they want to but it’s just the confidence that goes with that. But you know I had to go back 13 years and I started doing the teaching career and about two years into it. I asked is a very question, what can I do? Because I do like teaching, but what I found out is that my horse didn’t match my pay. I wasn’t able to impact my own family the way I wanted to. So I started asking that question I started doing a research well.
I kept finding like dead ends, because I kept finding all these jobs that it was going to be the same mentality where I was going to go sit in this box. I was going to be giving all this time. But I wasn’t going to be getting any time in return even though my salary might be increasing. And then about six months ago I had a friend reach out to me. She’s like and it seemed to be you know in those perfect moments when someone finds you when you’re asking that question that you’re asking right now.
And that is what can I do other than what I’m doing and she showed me an opportunity and the opportunity was I was still going to be able to use the skill set that I have as a teacher and I was still going to be will impact people’s lives. Because you know what that’s that’s what I love to do as a teacher.
But what I saw and what she showed me was they were these people that were very successful and they were making six to seven figures a year and then in the time that. They were doing this and was certainly a lot less than I was doing as a teacher, but the part that I saw I was still going to be able to do.
I’m still going to be in teacher mode and I was going to be able to use those skills. I think I’ve been blessed with. So you know I don’t know where you’re at but I just want to throw an opportunity out your way because you know in a decision making time and you 13 years ago if someone would have Showed. This to me and I would have had an opportunity to take a run at it.
I would just can’t imagine where I’d be right now. But I did say yes, you know because I knew that I knew that teaching was what I love to do, but it wasn’t going to it wasn’t going to impact what I wanted to do in the world.
So you know the link below WWE for your dreams come I’m going to encourage you to watch that you know it could be one of those things where you start watching you like this isn’t for me, but I guarantee you that if you do watch it it’s going to answer the questions that you’re asking right.
Now and that is what is there besides teaching that I can do, but still be successful at and impact this world and I believe that this is it for you. So if you say yes to looking at this link we’re going to come in contact with you on the other side, we’re going to be able to answer all the questions that you have are a thank you.