WES | Get Your Degree Evaluated According to Canadian Standards by World Education Services


Before starting today’s discussion, I would like to tell you a small fact about Canada. Do know Canada has more numb of leaks than the rest of the world combined. In fact, one of my consultant once told me that there are more than 30 thousand lakes in Canada. Surprising, right going back to the topic. Today we are going to discuss about W yes. What is W yes? What does it stand for? The previous stands for world education services. It is an organization which evaluates education degree of international students and future immigrants. That’s the simplest definition. Now let us go a little more in detail. If you are an international student or a future immigrant or you are going to apply for permanent residency and you want Canada to recognize your degree than the previous is the option.

What it does is it?
Evaluates your degree and gives you a report stating how well the degrees. You have earned in your home country for example India is equivalent to the between Canada. W yes is also operated in the U.S. in to check the education credential according to the U.S. system. It was founded in 1974 and currently resumes more than 200,000 applications per year. In fact the database of WS contains information on more than 200 countries, 45,000 institutes and 20,000 academic credentials. On this topic, I am only going to explain you what it is and how much it affects your permanent residency application. In other topics I will show you how to apply for WS. I already got my was a food. I just had to submit my transcript and liquid copies. And I got a report stating that my four years of bachelors are equivalent to a four-year degree in Canada.
Simple right, just for your information guys if you have done bachelors from your home country for example India then you can resume points in express entry for PR application. How much points. You can get depends on the level of your education and how much equivalent It is according to Canadian standards. For a three to four year program you can 112 points. If you have done masters and it is equivalent to a Canadian masters, then you can get 126 points. PhD candidates can get a total of 140 points. If you have done two degrees for two diplomas or some certificates and one of it is at least three years of equivalent study in Canada then you can get 119 points. There are also some professional degrees which requires in to get a license. If you get a license, then you can disappoint similar to a master’s candidate which is 126 points. Usually people in the field of engineering, medicine, veterinary, dentistry, law, optometry, chiropractic medicine and pharmacy require license to practice in their respective profession. The application before WS is something around 240 dollars. The standard processing time for the report is 21 days. That is also a free degree equivalence tool on their website by which you can check your degree equivalence see. But the results shouldn’t be taken as an official report. They also have a pre GPA calculator by which you can calculate GPA for the degree you want according to U.S. standards.
The guys all the links to these tools and useful websites are given at the bottom. Make sure to check it out. So that’s all for this topic hope this topic helped. You understand about WES. In one more topic I will share with you, how to apply. If you ask me, I would suggest to apply before coming to Canada or just after landing here like in one or two months. You just have to pay 240 dollars and in the initial days you must be having enough balance in your account. You will receive your report within 21 days and the report doesn’t expire. Of course, this is recommended for people who are planning for PR. The only you do e the bedroom. That’s it guys if you have more doubts related to the premiers drop a comment and I’ll try to reply.

SchoolApply: https://www.schoolapply.com/
WES Website: https://www.wes.org/
Check out: http://www.canadainfo.co/
Canadainfo FB Page: http://fb.me/canadainfomation

WES Tools: Degree Equivalency: https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=y7GV7gHbl0Q&event=video_description&q=https%3A%2F%2Fapplications.wes.org%2Fca%2Fdegree-equivalency-tool%2F&redir_token=fhPbFKs5t1DmRf7Xn6NAsI5Z09N8MTU0Nzk5MDI4MEAxNTQ3OTAzODgw

GPA Calculator: https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=y7GV7gHbl0Q&event=video_description&q=https%3A%2F%2Fapplications.wes.org%2Figpa-calculator%2F&redir_token=fhPbFKs5t1DmRf7Xn6NAsI5Z09N8MTU0Nzk5MDI4MEAxNTQ3OTAzODgw