Sound and Audio device enabling and disabling


Right this topic is going to be about how to sort out your devices. You’ve got a volume icon on your system. Trey got to go into your control panel here Kayal and hardware and sound. And then on the sound section, click on manage audio devices. You’ll get this little pop-up thing here, which on your speakers, your recording, microphone and your different sound scheme.
I haven’t actually changed anything and for example. If I wanted to disable this. I’m going to crop, click on the speakers. Its properties on the device usage section. Once the drop down click on don’t use this device, at disable then click not once.
I’ve clicked okay to that, it will say no audio devices are installed. And out why I just disabled it. I haven’t uninstalled it with Windows by default. It does not show any disabled devices. You’ve got the right click on here and check show disabled devices.
Once you click that, you can see that you’ve actually disabled them, rather than installing them. Right here setting the audio device turn still just because the option presently it doesn’t have this an option button. But this way goes back into your speakers or microphone.
Click on properties backing drop-down Knable. Okay and there we go again job done well. That’s it this time, hope you enjoyed the website and thank you for reading.