Should you get your Masters Degree in Education? | Tips to Decide Which Program is Best for You


Hello Guys! Welcome to my website today I’m going to talk a little bit about if you should go and get your master’s degree in teaching. And if you are doing that, what are some of the programs that maybe You should be looking into or when should you go about getting. This will definitely vary a lot based on what your own personal Motivations. Now I am currently in the process of getting my master’s degree in teaching. I did graduate three years ago and just started this past year. So I taught for two years and I went back into it my personal reason for doing that at this time. I knew again the master’s degree was something that I wanted to do and from a tiny perspective. I wanted to make sure that I could get it done before I had kids. Now I know everyone’s got different paths of life that was something for me that kind of helps shape the timeline. I will admit I am largely motivated to get done, especially to get it done early, because of some of the financial benefit for teachers is often through this graduate credit that you’re able to increase your salary and move up several steps on the salary schedule. And what is interesting based on the calculations? I found in my program where I’m at, which is actually an online program at the University of Illinois. I found that will pay for it in about four years after I complete it. So that’s kind of nice knowing that yes. It is an investment is cost right Now. When I continue teaching it will pay for itself in several years and then be very profitable. So that’s definitely one of the key motivators, I think was that you have to kind of decide what your reason is. Why that you’re doing it. And what motivates You. Now there is definitely a debate about online programs. First is going to class more traditional program. I over myself. I definitely wanted an online program. I enjoyed my online anyway and I knew through myself that after the day was done. I didn’t want to have to drive to a campus somewhere for a class and then drive on what that extra step I feel. Like would make for really long days. So it is not as obviously the online college, can maybe be a little less regulated. Because it’s tough for them to know that’s what you’re doing at all times. If you feel like you value from that extra accountability to be sitting in a classroom learning. If that’s helpful for you, then maybe that’s something to think about my program is global studies and education. So a little bit of a non-traditional program I need for myself. I was going back and do this I wanted it to be something that was really interesting to me. And I didn’t want the standard teaching ones. But that was just my choice and I wasn’t looking to go into administration or anything like that. So I really liked the course offerings in this particular master, then it has been very interesting courses overall. So that’s something to evaluate too and see what kind of course offerings are there. How you can get your masters in education? So I have some very interesting classes and more of a global focus and that’s something I try to do with. My social based curriculum is to make it much more global oriented prepare students for the global world. That we live in and so for me. It seemed like a natural fit my particular program is a two-year program. Although it can be done more quickly and it’s really helpful. You can even be registered for summer courses. It’s a total of eight classes. I was finishing up the fifth class this week started in the fall last Year.
So already making some extra progress, since I am doing the summer classes. The cost of my program is about fifteen thousand dollars total. I know the cost-wise is going to vary again using those numbers I calculated that I would earn that money back within three to four years. You can also consider if your school district is willing to cover any of the cost. The school where I previously worked did provide some credit reimbursement. The current school I was going to be working at doesn’t provide any reimbursement for the first two years. Which is kind of a bummer, but then after you’ve been teaching there longer, they will give you a full reimbursement for that. Now I will be done by then. So I’ll just ask after the summers. I don’t have two classes left to do. But that’s something to think about as well teacher thank. You guys so much for reading if you enjoyed this topic or other teacher related content. We love to have you here as a like and we will see you the next topics bye guys.