Why is Alicia afraid of her father?

The mice, which her father claims do not exist, terrify Alicia. They symbolize for her both the poverty of her inherited lifestyle and the ease with which her future could scamper away. Cisneros says Alicia “is afraid of nothing except four-legged fur.

Accordingly, how does Alicia’s father treat her?

How does Alicia’s father treat her efforts to get an education. He does not respect her. She goes to college at night. He thinks she should stay home and sleep so that she can get up early to make him tortillas.

Additionally, why does Alicia’s father say there aren’t any mice? Alicia’s father says the mice don’t exist, and that Alicia should be sleeping anyway, because it is a woman’s job to wake up early and make tortillas.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what do the mice represent in Alicia who sees mice?

“Alicia Who Sees Mice” is a young woman burdened by taking care of her family while attending college in order to escape her way of life in the barrio. She is only afraid of mice, which serve as a metaphor for her poverty. She lives in a broken down home.

Why is Alicia so tired?

Alicia is so tired because she has to travel far to school and stay up late to study. Alicia is afraid of her father because he thinks she should be at home taking care of the family instead of in school studying.

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Why does Esperanza get angry at Sally?

After being assaulted by a group of boys, Esperanza blames Sally for abandoning her and making her vulnerable. She also feels angry at Sally for misleading her about sex and romance.

What does Esperanza’s father tell her?

Esperanza’s father tells her that her grandfather, or abuelito, has died. He cries, which is astounding for Esperanza to see. He will have to go to Mexico for the funeral, and Esperanza will have to explain to her younger siblings that they will not be able to play or go out today.

What happened because of the lemon red and pale blue shoes in the family of little feet?

What happened because of the lemon, red, and pale blue shoes? a. The girls threw away the shoes because they were ugly. The shoes didn’t fit and the girls’ feet became sore.

What makes Esperanza angry?

What does Sally do that makes Esperanza so angry? She was trying to save her from the red clowns.

Why does Esperanza admire Alicia?

Alicia is a person who to reminds Esperanza that she can never lose sight of who she is. And that Esperanza’s experiences in her lifetime will help her shape up into someone who is capable of accomplishing her dreams. Alicia is a role model who Esperanza admires and a person that she would like to be when she is older.

What does Esperanza say about Alicia Alicia who sees mice?

Summary: “Alicia Who Sees Mice” Alicia is a neighborhood girl whose mother has died. She must do all the cooking and cleaning for her father. Her father gives her a hard time about her studies. He says the mice don’t exist and that a woman’s job is to get up early to make tortillas for her younger siblings’ lunches.

Where does Esperanza meet the three sisters?

Esperanza meets the three sisters at Lucy and Rachel’s baby sister’s funeral, which is held in their home.

What happens to Esperanza on her first day of work?

Esperanza is uncomfortable and unsure of herself, and she eats lunch in a bathroom stall on her first day. She goes into the coatroom a few hours later during her break and meets “an older Oriental man” who offers to be her friend. He tells her it’s his birthday and asks for a kiss.

Where is Esperanza’s first job?

Esperanza gets a job working in a photo development shop. She is too nervous to take her full lunch break, or to sit down when she is tired until she sees her fellow workers sitting. During a shift change, “an older Oriental man” approaches her kindly and offers to be Esperanza’s friend.

What do clouds symbolize in the House on Mango Street?

Cloud/sky symbolism. In the story, “The House on Mango Street”, many symbols appear. When she says there are too many clouds, she means there are too many obstacles stopping her from achieving freedom. the clouds symbolize a barrier to a better life.

How old is Esperanza in the House on Mango Street?

twelve years

Why does Darius look at the clouds?

Darius, one of Esperanza’s classmates, is usually silent, but one day he remarks on the clouds in the sky. He says that one particularly large and fluffy cloud is God. “You can never have too much sky,” Esperanza tells us. The sky symbolizes freedom, safety, limitless opportunities.

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