Who played Fairfax in the movie Payback?

Payback (1999) – James Coburn as Justin Fairfax – IMDb.

Regarding this, who played Rosie in payback?

Maria Bello

Also Know, are there two versions of the movie Payback? Payback is one of my most favorite Mel Gibson films, and it comes in two versions, the theatrical version and the directors cut. These two versions are very different from one another.

Hereof, where was movie Payback filmed?


How old was Mel Gibson in Payback?

Mel Gibson was 42 in Payback when he played the character ‘Porter’. That was over 21 years ago in 1999.

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Does Maria Bello have a sister?

Lisa Bello

How old is Maria Bella?

52 years (April 18, 1967)

Why did Maria Bello leave ER?

We all know George Clooney will hang up the scrubs when his ER contract expires next year, but Maria Bello? Lewis) quit the show after the 1996-97 season to spend more time with her boyfriend (with whom she later broke up) and Clooney (Dr. Ross) says he’ll depart after next season to pursue his own movie career.

What nationality is Maria Bello?


Is payback a remake of Point Blank?

1. Payback is based on the novel The Hunter by Donald E. The Hunter (written by Westlake under the pseudonym “Richard Stark”) was previously adapted for the screen in 1967 as Point Blank, directed by John Boorman and starring Lee Marvin.

Where did Maria Bello go to high school?

Villanova University

What is the movie Payback about?

Porter (Mel Gibson) is a thief betrayed by both his wife, Lynn (Deborah Kara Unger), and his partner, Val (Gregg Henry), when he is shot in the back after a heist. Slowly, Porter recovers from his wounds and begins a search for Val, intent on recovering his share of the money they stole together. With the aid of prostitute Rosie (Maria Bello), Porter captures Val but still cannot find his cash. For this, Porter will have to challenge an imposing crime syndicate called the Outfit.

Who directed payback?

Brian Helgeland

Is Payback one word or two?

The one-word payback can be a noun or an adjective. When you need a verb, use the two-word phrase pay back.

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