Who makes Sikkens stain?

When Twin Creeks Log Home Supply first began selling the Sikkens line of stains, the product came in a gray can with a large Sikkens logo. At that time, Sikkens was owned by Akzo Nobel, the largest paint manufacturer in Europe and the company responsible for bringing Sikkens to the United States in the 1990s.

Subsequently, one may also ask, is sikkens now PPG?

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, PA – PPG announced that its SIKKENS® PROLUXE™ wood finishes will now carry the PPG name. The PPG ProLuxe product line will contain all of the same Sikkens ProLuxe products and formulas, but will now showcase the updated PPG ProLuxe name and new packaging.

Beside above, how long will Sikkens stain last? – At the 2 year mark, Sikkens PPG Proluxe Cetol SRD lost a lot of color after 24 months of full sun exposure. The stain that was left on the dock had either deteriorated away or darkened in color. – The Sikkens SRD exhibited bare spots on 30% of the flooring surface after 2 years.

Moreover, is Sikkens stain oil based?

Sikkens Proluxe Cetol SRD is a one coat, oil-based, translucent exterior wood finish. Sikkens Proluxe Cetol SRD was created for use on a variety of wood surfaces including siding, rails, decks, and logs. Available in a curated palette of eight wood tones.

Are Sico and Sikkens the same?

Sico, now based in Longueuil, Que., is already an exclusive distributor in Eastern Canada for selected Akzo Nobel products, such as its Sikkens line of protective wood coatings. Sico is also in the industrial coatings business, but it is small compared with its core paint-making division.

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Is sikkens cetol SRD water based?

Easy to use one-coat application. Penetrates to protect against wear and moisture. UV protection leads to less frequent maintenance. Sikkens Srd Semi-Transparent is a water based product.

What is the longest lasting deck stain?

Solid stains last the longest. Most last at least three years. One by Behr was by far the longest-lasting. It’s the Solid Color Deck, Fence & Siding Wood Stain from Home Depot.

What is cetol SRD?

Cetol SRD is an easy-to-use translucent, water-repellant exterior wood finish for multiple surfaces. This one-coat formula incorporates finely ground transparent iron oxide pigments that provide a rich, natural color. Key Features: Offers protection from moisture and UV damage. Suitable for a variety of applications.

What is the best stain color for a deck?

Four Great Deck Stain Color Choices Mountain Cedar. This light brown hue is part of the Woodland Oil collection, a group of wood stain colors that are oil-based with just a touch of natural color. Cape Cod Gray. This light gray color works very well with white, blue or tan houses. Amsterdam. Mystic White.

What is best deck stain to use?

Defy Extreme Wood Stain Rating. We find that the Defy Extreme Wood Stain to be the best performing water-based deck stain on the market. The zinc oxide nano-particles do double duty in preventing UV fading and preventing mold or mildew growth.

Is PPG ProLuxe the same as sikkens?

Over time, the Sikkens name grew smaller, while the ProLuxe name grew larger. Now the Sikkens branding has been dropped from the label altogether and replaced entirely with “PPG ProLuxe.” Per their purchase agreement, PPG has now dropped all additional Akzo Nobel trademarked names.

What is cetol?

Cetol Marine is a unique high performance exterior wood treatment. It is the easy to apply low maintenance alternative to wood oils and varnishes. Cetol Marine contains synthetic transparent iron oxide pigments, which shield the wood against sunlight.

Can you use roller for deck stain?

A paint roller can be used to roll stain on. Use the right nap of roller for best results but remember that rollers are not really designed to hold deck stain.

How long does cetol last?

three years

How do you use cetol SRD?

Apply one coat of Cetol SRD by natural bristle brush, roller or spray. If spray or roller applied, Cetol SRD must be back brushed immediately to ensure penetration and to avoid an uneven finish. When using SRD , brushing is the required method for application on decks and other horizontal surfaces.

Can you use sikkens on decking?

Sikkens Cetol DEK can be used on decks, lattice, railings, and benches. Sikkens Cetol DEK may be used on: Pressure Treated Wood, Pine, Hardwoods, Cedar, Redwood, Composite Wood and Materials.

How long does sikkens cetol take to dry?

Touch dry in 3-5 hours, recoatable in 24 hours. These times are based on a temperature of 20°C, normal relative humidity and good drying conditions.

How do you use sikkens Proluxe?

Apply with a garden pump-up sprayer. Allow the cleaning solution to sit on the wood for 15-20 minutes, keeping it wet while lightly scrubbing to remove surface contaminants and mildew/mold spores. Power-wash the cleaning solution from the surface, using no more than 500 psi, at 8-12 inches from the surface.

What happens to stain if it rains?

If it rains within 48 hours after you apply the stain, the water will soak into the wood pores and try to displace the stain. This will result in a splotchy surface rather than an even tone. If it rains right after you apply the stain, the stain will peel and flake off.

Can you spray cetol?

Apply only one coat of Cetol SRD by natural bristle brush, roller or spray. If spray or roller applied, Cetol SRD must be back brushed immediately to ensure penetration and to avoid an uneven finish.

What is the best semi transparent deck stain?

The following top 10 deck stains are rated from one to five stars, based on the consumer criteria identified above. Sikkens Cetol Dek Finish. Cabot Decking Stain 1480. Sikkens Cetol SRD. Cabot Semi-Transparent Deck and Siding Stain 6300. Wolman Durastain. DEFY Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain. Superdeck Semi-Transparent Deck Stain.

Can you stain over sikkens?

Only thing you can do without stripping is a solid stain. If its cetol 1 it shouldn’t be on a deck in the first place. A semi trans won’t penetrate over Cetol 1, that’s your next problem. Only thing you can do without stripping is a solid stain.

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