When was the River Merchant’s Wife a letter written?


Just so, what is the meaning of the River Merchant’s Wife a letter?

Ultimately, the poem/letter is meant to remind her husband of her role as his wife, of her existence, of their relationship. It is meant to be a gentle way of telling him not to forget, or betray her. Remember, she is a river-merchant’s wife in eighth-century China.

One may also ask, what type of poem is The River Merchant’s Wife a letter? Christine Froula: On “The River-Merchant’s Wife: A Letter” This is one of the most delicate poems in Cathay, a verse “letter” in which the speaker communicates indirectly, by means of vivid images and shifting tones, the history of her feelings for the absent husband to whom she writes.

Also to know, what is the tone of the poem The River Merchant’s Wife a letter?

Symbolism. This poem doesn’t have any rhythm, alliteration, onomatopoeia, or rhyme but it does have a tone. The tone can be somewhat depressing, because a wife is writing a letter to her husband about how he departed away from her and telling him to come back to her, she’s willing to do anything.

What is the theme of the River Merchant’s Wife a letter?

Themes in The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter. This poem takes the form of a letter from a lonely wife to her husband who has been away for work for five months. The poem is concerned with love between a husband and wife that is complicated by the distance that now separates them.

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How does the speaker in the River Merchant’s Wife A letter change over the course of the poem?

In The River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter, poem the speaker goes from the past tense to the present tense with the line for example the line “The monkeys make sorrowful noise overhead. The monkeys noise mirrors the wife loneliness.

What do you think the River Merchant’s Wife means by line 14?

Lines 11-14 If it is, it means that the wife as a widow does not want to do this. In any case, it is clear that there is nothing she wishes for after the death of her husband, so deep is her love for him now.

How is the third stanza a turning point in the poem?

3rd stanza is a turning point- the tone becomes sorrowful and she is indirectly expressing her desire to find someone else to marry. The poem has a sense of isolation and the butterfly hurts her because it accentuates the pain of loneliness.

Who wrote The River Merchant’s Wife?

Li Bai

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