What is the importance of recapitulation?

A recapitulation, or “recap,” is a summary, review, or restatement. The purpose of a recapitulation is to remind your reader or audience of your main points. There’s no new information in a recapitulation, just the same information in a smaller, more condensed form.

Then, how do you use the word recapitulate in a sentence?

Examples of recapitulate in a Sentence To recapitulate what was said earlier, we need to develop new ways to gain customers. We understood your point, there’s no need to recapitulate.

Secondly, what is recap short for? re·cap. Use recap in a sentence. noun. Recap is short for recapitulation or briefly going over what has already been said. An example of a recap is the summary of a new program before the show is over.

Subsequently, question is, what is meant by recapitulation of electrode?

Definition of recapitulation. 1 : a concise summary. 2 : the hypothetical occurrence in an individual organism’s development of successive stages resembling the series of ancestral types from which it has descended so that the ontogeny of the individual retraces the phylogeny of its group.

What is the synonym of recapitulate?

Synonyms of ‘recapitulate’ The methods outlined in this book are only suggestions. sum up. When the judge summed up it was clear he wanted a guilty verdict. recount. reiterate (formal)

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How do you use sanguine in a sentence?

Sanguine in a Sentence ?? Although the economy is looking better, we should still not be too sanguine about the future. You can tell by the big smile on her fact that she has a sanguine temperament! Despite the fact the soldiers have not been home in eight months, they are still sanguine about seeing their families soon.

How do I use an instance?

The OED doesn’t specifically define the phrase “for example, but it says “for instance” means “for example, as an instance of what has been said.” The abbreviation “e.g.” (for the Latin exempli gratia) means “for example” (literally, “for the sake of example”), but it can be used in place of “for instance” as well.

What does recapitulate mean in biology?

the act of recapitulating or the state of being recapitulated. a brief review or summary, as of a speech. Biology. the theory that the stages an organism passes through during its embryonic development repeat the evolutionary stages of structural change in its ancestral lineage.

What is an example of pretentious?

pre·ten·tious. Use pretentious in a sentence. adjective. The definition of pretentious is someone or something that claims to be very important or grand. An example of pretentious is someone saying they deserve a table in a crowded restaurant because of who they are.

How do you use dilemma in a sentence?

Ask Alice: “Do you have an interior dilemma?” Kate found herself in a dilemma when her two best friends were fighting. After overcoming that dilemma, I think our friendship is stronger. The pensions dilemma is closing down a “final salary” pension scheme.

How do you use stigma in a sentence?

The stigma of mental illness made me a virtual recluse. reniform stigma) roughly two thirds of the way back on the forewing. stamen with anthers match the five sacred wounds & the three stigma the nails. stigma about mental illness that makes some uneasy.

How do you use tautology in a sentence?

In a logical tautology, the statement is always true because one half of the “or” construction must be so: Either it will rain tomorrow, or it won’t rain. Bill will win the election, or he will not win the election. She is brave, or she is not brave.

Who proposed recapitulation theory?

Ernst Haeckel’s Biogenetic Law (1866) The biogenetic law is a theory of development and evolution proposed by Ernst Haeckel in Germany in the 1860s. It is one of several recapitulation theories, which posit that the stages of development for an animal embryo are the same as other animals’ adult stages or forms.

What is recapitulation theology?

The recapitulation theory of the atonement is a doctrine in Christian theology related to the meaning and effect of the death of Jesus Christ. In the recapitulation view of the atonement, Christ is seen as the new Adam who succeeds where Adam failed.

What is recapitulation in psychology?

recapitulation theory. 1. the hypothesis that the stages of embryological development of an organism mirror the morphological stages of evolutionary development characteristic of the species; that is, ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.

What is the recapitulation in sonata form?

In music theory, the recapitulation is one of the sections of a movement written in sonata form. The recapitulation occurs after the movement’s development section, and typically presents once more the musical themes from the movement’s exposition.

What is the meaning of ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny?

“Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” is a catchy phrase coined by Ernst Haeckel, a 19th century German biologist and philosopher to mean that the development of an organism (ontogeny) expresses all the intermediate forms of its ancestors throughout evolution (phylogeny).

What does Capulate mean?

ca·pit·u·lat·ed, ca·pit·u·lat·ing, ca·pit·u·lates. 1. To surrender under specified conditions: The garrison capitulated after the bombardment. 2. To give up all resistance; acquiesce: capitulate to the pressure of public opinion.

What is another word for recap?

Synonyms. resume hash over recapitulate sum up rehash retrograde summarize summarise.

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