What is another word for breadwinner?

Similar words for breadwinner:

wage earner (noun) worker (noun) other synonyms. spouse. wage earner.

In this regard, is breadwinner a formal word?

2 Answers. As Michael said, breadwinner is alive and well in British English. In American English, breadwinner (though still right up there) is falling in use (less than half the British use, and falling; if you use the Ngram, extend to 2013). The word is being replaced by “primary wage earner”.

Also, what is another word for homemaker? Synonyms for homemaker

  • family manager.
  • home economist.
  • home engineer.
  • lady of the house.
  • mistress of the house.
  • wife and mother.

Also to know is, what is a breadwinner in the family?

Even though “bread” here means “money,” the word breadwinner does not mean someone who has won money in a competition. A “breadwinner” is a person who makes money for others. They are the ones who pay the bills in a family. They support or provide for dependents. So, we can also call a breadwinner a “provider.”

What is the meaning of toiler?

Toilers are people who work long and hard. Any employer would be grateful to have toilers as employees. If you know that to toil is to work hard, then the meaning of toiler won’t be a surprise. A toiler works strenuously; you won’t see a toiler hanging out by the water cooler.

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Where did the term breadwinner come from?

breadwinner (n.) also bread-winner, “one who supplies a living for himself and others,” especially a family, 1821, from the noun bread (probably in a literal sense) + winner, from win (v.)

What is sole breadwinner?

A breadwinner is a colloquial term for the primary or sole income earner in a household. Breadwinners, by contributing the largest portion of household income, generally cover most household expenses and financially support their dependents. The term is based on the word “bread”, which was once popular slang for money.

What is the synonym of family?

Synonyms for family clan. folk. group. house. household. people. tribe. ancestors.

What is the synonym of pursue?

Synonyms: follow, chase, hunt, track, hound, go after, give chase to. pursue(v. a.) Synonyms: continue, prosecute, conduct, keep up, carry on, persist in, engage in, follow up.

What is the synonym of caretaker?

SYNONYMS. janitor, warden, attendant, porter, custodian, keeper, watchman, steward, curator, concierge.

What does wage earner mean?

Wage Earner. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), a wage earner is an individual who earns Social Security credits while working for wages or for self-employment income. Sometimes the SSA refers to wage earners as “number holders” or “workers”.

What is a good provider?

When someone says that a man should be a good provider, what they invariably mean is that he should have a good job that earns a steady income, one which enables him to provide food, shelter, and the nice things in life to his family.

Who is the primary breadwinner in your family?

The median household income for married women who earn more than their husbands — more often white, slightly older and college educated — is $80,000. When the wife is the primary breadwinner, the total family income is generally higher. Such marriages are still relatively rare, even if their share is growing.

What is the male breadwinner model?

Male breadwinner model. The male breadwinner model is an ideal of the family in which men earn a family wage and provide while wives do domestic labor and care for family members. It is part of a much larger gendered division between the public and private spheres.

What percentage of wives earn more than their husbands?

Today, women earn more than men in almost a quarter of couples, according to the new study and previous research, up from 18 percent in the 1980s. Yet 71 percent of people say that to be a good husband, men should be able to financially support a family, a Pew Research Center survey found last year.

What is breed winner?

Definition of breadwinner. 1 : a means (such as a tool or craft) of livelihood. 2 : a member of a family whose wages supply its livelihood.

What do you call a male housewife?

“Househusband” to me is the exact male equivalent of housewife (eg does the cleaning and shopping, sorts out the kids if there are any etc).

Is homemaker an occupation?

noun. a person who manages the household of his or her own family, especially as a principal occupation. a person employed to manage a household and do household chores for others, as for the sick or elderly.

What do you call a stay at home mum?

The basic definition of a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) is someone who stays home to raise her children and manage her household. 1? She may have one child or several children, and they can range in ages from newborn all the way up to teenagers in high school.

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