What is a code 72 for police?

Police code 72 means Forgery.

Keeping this in consideration, what is a 10 72 in police code?

Police code 10-72 means Report progress of fire / Gun involved / D.O.A..

Also, what are the 10 codes for police officers? Police 10 Codes

Code General Purpose APCO (Association of Police Communications Officers)
10-1 Unable Copy – Change Location Signal Weak
10-2 Signal Good Signal Good
10-3 Stop Transmitting Stop Transmitting
10-4 Acknowledgment (OK) Affirmative (OK)

Consequently, what is a 1044 police code?

Police Code 10-44. Police code 10-44 means Permission to leave patrol.

What does code 20 mean for police?

Code 20 Officer needs assistance. Code 22 Restricted radio traffic. Code 30 Officer needs HELP – EMERGENCY! Code 33 Mobile emergency – clear this radio channel.

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What does Code 3 mean in police?

United States. One of the best known is the Code 3 Response, which is used in several countries, particularly the United States, to describe a mode of response for an emergency vehicle responding to a call. It is commonly used to mean “use lights and siren”. In some agencies, Code 3 is also called a Hot Response.

What does Code 5 mean?

Code 5, as a police radio designation, is used situationally when undercover officers don’t want a potential arrest or investigation interrupted by patrol officers. “Code 5” was usually accompanied by confidential information (10-35) concerning the matter or a request to communicate privately (10-12).

What does a 10 96 mean?

10-94 = drag racing. 10-95 = prisoner/subject is in custody. 10-96 = Psych patient, a person exhibiting crazy or psychotic behavior. 10-97 = Check signal (1097 also means “On Scene” in California and other areas) 10-98 = Prison break or jailbreak.

What is a code 4?

Code 4 Meaning “Code 4” means everything is under control or the scene is safe.? It indicates the officers are now in charge of the situation they were called to.

What is 10 200 as a police code?

Police code 10-200 means Narcotics, drugs involved.

What does code 12 mean?

An error code 12 indicates a flame loss. This means that the unit is detecting a flame, but the flame is being extinguished during operation (weak flame). Common issues associated with a 12 error code include: 1) Insufficient gas supply. 2) Insufficient air supply.

What is a code 7?

Code 5 Stakeout Code 6 Stay out of area. Code 7 Meal break. Code 8 Restroom break.

What does a 10 5 mean?

10-3 Stop transmitting. 10-4 Acknowledgement (OK) 10-5 Relay. 10-6 Busy–stand by unless urgent.

What does code 47 mean?

Norway Country Code +47.

Why is 10 4 mean?

10-4 is an affirmative signal: it means “OK.” The ten-codes are credited to Illinois State Police Communications Director Charles Hopper who created them between 1937–40 for use in radio communications among cops. The ten-codes were invented to communicate information quickly and clearly.

What is a 10 89 police code?

The word ten (10) indicates the next number, or numbers, is code. Police 10 Codes. General Purpose. 10-1 Unable Copy – Change Location 10-89 Bomb Threat 10-90 Bank Alarm at ___ 10-91 Pick Up Prisoner / Subject 10-92 Improperly Parked Vehicle

What does a 10 60 mean?

10-57 Hit and run (fatal, personal injury, property damage) 10-58 Direct traffic. 10-59 Convoy or escort. 10-60 Squad in vicinity. 10-61 Isolate self for message.

What is a 10 85 police code?

10-85 Need Additional Unit (specify type & reason) 10-86 Female In/Female Out of Vehicle (indicate time) 10-87 Unit to Hospital (specify hospital)

What is a 10 100 police code?

Police code 10-100 means Misdemeanor warrant / Out using restroom.

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