What happens when dosa batter becomes watery?

This usually happens when the idly batter is inconsistent. The consistency of the batter depends on the quality of the ingredients. When the ingredients are not fresh or are not harnessed properly, it can lead to a very watery batter. Idly tastes best when the batter is thick, consistent and fresh.

In this way, how do you know if dosa batter is bad?

* To make sure that it is fermenting well, check on it a couple of times in the 8- to 12-hour period. You should be able to see a rise in its volume, and it should also start smelling slightly sour. Ideally, when ready, the fermented dosa batter should have almost doubled in volume and become thick and foamy.

One may also ask, what happens if urad dal is more in dosa batter? Excess amount of urad dal will not make idli hard on the other hand idlis will become very flat. If the proportion of rice is high it will impart hard texture. While grinding idli batter,always grind soaked rice first then grind the soaked urad dal. Leave the batter to ferment overnight for better results.

can I add water to dosa batter?

Add enough water to grind the batter and don’t be scared to add water like I was! For 1/2 cup dal, I usually add around 1/2 to 3/4 cup water to grind. For 2 cups rice, I usually add around 3/4 to 1 cup water to grind. The amount of water will depend on the type of rice/dal you use.

What if idli batter is thin?

Always remember, idly batter is thick, dosa batter is a little thin and oothapam batter is thinner. If you dilute your idly batter too much, you have hard idlis which are not fluffy. Even if you use a common batter, change the consistency accordingly by adding water and mixing it well.

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How many days I can keep dosa batter?

Dosa batter can be stored for as long as 1 week or even more. This is for batter that is not fermented. The trick is not to ferment the whole batch.

What should I do if my dosa batter is watery?

Whenever it happnens in the flurry of things, you have following options to choose from : Add fine Semolina ( only sooji rava and not Bansi Rava) into the batter and stir it up until you get the required thickness in its profile. Grind raw rice in mixer and add the powder obtained into your batter.

How do you ferment dosa batter quickly?

Soak rice + urad dal overnight in warm water, rinse it, grind it and mix with little warm water again. Try mixing 1/5 portion of Rolled Oats, I have found that to be easily ferment-able. Never mix salt in paste before fermenting.

Why do idlis turn brown?

When we ferment the idli batter , if it is not fermented fully or less time is given to ferment or required temperature for fermentation is attained , idlies may have brown or red patches. Before steaming check the consistency of batter if required add little water.

Is Dosa a probiotic?

Products that contain active cultures are a good source of healthy bacteria for your stomach. Butter milk, idli, dosa, appam, dhokla, uttapam are all made by fermenting rice and lentils, which makes them rich in live cultures of the good bacteria. Idli, like most other fermented foods, is rich in probiotics.

Can we make dosa immediately after grinding?

This can be made immediately after grinding. Also the telugu style “Pesarattu” which is green gram dosa. Dosa batter is prepared by grinding soaked urad and rice. After grinding, the batter is fermented for 6–7 hours to make it appropriate for dosa preparation.

How can we remove sourness from dosa batter?

To avoid over sourness in Idli or Dosa batter, add coconut milk in it. It reduces the sourness. To reduce the spiciness of cooked curry, add 1-2 spoons of yogurt in it and cook until the whiteness of yogurt is gone. Add little sugar in hot oil before adding the ingredients.

What if dosa batter does not ferment?

Add Salt in Batter before Fermentation At times, not adding enough salt to the batter after its ground can also be a reason for lack of fermentation. Add 1 tsp for every 1 cup of dry ingredients for idli.

Why my dosa is white?

If the dosas are not getting a nice golden color and look pale white, the heat is too low. The griddle is not hot enough. Usually the first two dosa never come out perfectly. It takes some time to season the pan and achieve the correct temperature to make perfect dosa.

What is difference between idli and dosa batter?

The way the ingredients of the batter are mixed and then ground are the primary differences. With idli, you soak and then grind your lentils and rice separately while in dosa it is all combined and done together.

Why is fenugreek added to dosa batter?

Why do we use fenugreek or methi seeds in dosa-idli batter making? Chef Vinod: Methi seeds contain compounds high in beta-glucans. They help hold carbon dioxide, which makes idlis fluffy and soft. Methi seeds also give viscosity to the batter.

What is dosa batter made of?

Dosa is made by soaking and blending black gram lentils (urad dal) and rice to a batter. Then the fermented batter is spreaded like a crepe on a hot griddle or tawa.

Does salt help in fermentation?

Salt[edit] Many ferments use salt. Salt helps by inhibiting undesirable bacteria and molds, and by drawing juices out of foods. It is best to use a salt that has no anti-caking agents or iodine added to it, as these can inhibit the fermentation and growth of desirable bacteria.

Are dosas healthy?

Dosa is one such food item which is extremely appetizing and relatively light, adding low calories in your body. It’s a healthy choice to overcome obesity. 5. Low in Fat: Dosa is a healthy food because it contains very less saturated fat, which is a good thing as high saturated fat increases the risk of heart diseases.

Can you refrigerate idli batter?

Using a ladle beat the dosa batter well to make uniformly mixed batter. Once you mix the batter the consistency should be really fluffy; set aside. To store the batter keep it inside the fridge with a tight lid and store for a week.

How make idli batter ferment instantly?

Soak Urad Dal Overnight. Grind Urad dal in High speed blender and pour batter to instant pot. Whisk the batter vigorously with a hand whisk. Add hot water and rinse out blender. Pour the hot water on to the idli rava. Add idli rava paste to the instant pot, mix well. Set to ferment in ‘Yogurt’ setting for 12 hours.

How can I make idli batter thicker?

To make thick idli batter, combine the urad dal and fenugreek seeds and enough water in a deep bowl and mix well. Cover with a lid and keep aside to soak for 4 hours. Combine the par-boiled rice and thick beaten rice and enough water in a deep bowl and mix well. Cover with a lid and keep aside to soak for 4 hours.

Can we add baking soda in idli batter?

Add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda or baking powder to the ground batter and then ferment. It is necessary in order to raise the batter well even if the weather is cold. At least 8 to 12 hours is necessary for the fermentation process. The next morning tiny bubbles will appear.

Why do idlis become hard?

The most common factor for hard idlis is the due to lack of urad dal and inadequate water used for grinding. If you find your idlis are hard, just add more dal and use more water while grinding the batter. Add enough water while grinding itself.

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