What does it mean to speak sharply?

You can also describe something that’s distinct, clear, or detailed using this adverb: “I love how sharply defined the moon is in your photograph.” And finally, if someone speaks sharply, they use a voice so harsh and angry that it seems to have a sharp edge. Definitions of sharply.

Keeping this in view, what is another word for sharply?

Synonyms: shrewdly, aggressively, astutely, precipitously, sharp, sagaciously, sharply, acutely, crisply, sapiently. precipitously, sharply(adverb) very suddenly and to a great degree. “conditions that precipitously increase the birthrate”; “prices rose sharply”

Similarly, what is the meaning of to say something suddenly and loudly? exclaim to say something suddenly and loudly, especially because of a strong emotion: ‘It isn’t fair! ‘ he exclaimed angrily.

Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you use sharply in a sentence?

sharply Sentence Examples

  1. Josh turned his head sharply and snorted.
  2. His attention came sharply back to her.
  3. Hence the Mediterranean region is characteristically one of winter rains, the distinctive feature becoming less sharply defined from south to north, and the amount of total annual fall increasing in the same direction.

Is Sharply an adverb?

sharply adverb (STRONGLY) in a way that is strongly felt or that has a strong effect: The movie is sharply funny in these scenes.

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What’s another word for abruptly?

SYNONYMS FOR abrupt See sudden. 2 short, hurried, hasty, blunt. 4 discontinuous, broken, uneven. SEE SYNONYMS FOR abrupt ON THESAURUS.COM.

What’s another word for drastically?

dramatically, radically, drastic, sharply, considerably, significantly, substantially, greatly, spectacularly.

Is cunning a synonym for shrewd?

Synonym Study Astute implies shrewdness combined with sagacity and sometimes connotes, in addition, artfulness or cunning an astute politician See also syn. study at clever. Shrewd implies keenness of mind, sharp insight, and a cleverness in practical matters a shrewd comment, businessman, etc.

What can I use instead of Although?

What is another word for although? however nevertheless contrastingly contrarily instead besides even furthermore meanwhile oppositely

What is the sentence of mourn?

Examples of mourn in a Sentence She is still mourning her husband, who died last year. Thousands of people mourned his death. She was mourned by everyone who knew her. She mourned the loss of her youth.

How do you use dismiss in a sentence?

dismiss Sentence Examples She couldn’t dismiss the sight of his darkened eye or bloodied lip. He wanted desperately to dismiss Cynthia from consideration. Her husband buys and can dismiss her at will. Spener refused to resign his post, and the Saxon government hesitated to dismiss him.

What is a loud voiced person called?

STENTORS. Loud voiced person. STENTOR. Loud-voiced early TV comedienne. MARTHARAYE.

Is talking loud and yelling the same thing?

Yelling means shouting in loud and sharp voice when someone loses his temper. On the other hand, raising voice means taking a positive stand against the idea which you don’t agree to. Raising your voice is speaking loud and clear (with emphasis), to point something out, mostly in a discussion.

How do you say someone is angry?

Your characters could express anger with emotion beats and physical manifestations. Ball hands into fists. Bare teeth. Clench jaws. Curse. Explode in strident laughter. Flare nostrils. Frown or scowl. Glare. Gnash the teeth. Lash out at people. Lower eyebrows. Make rude gestures. Narrow the eyes. Point a finger at someone.

How do you talk angrily?

Synonyms lash out. phrasal verb. to criticize someone or something angrily. tear into. phrasal verb. to criticize someone or something very angrily. abuse. verb. to speak to someone in an angry, offensive way. tell off. phrasal verb. scold. verb. rage. verb. jump down someone’s throat. phrase. raise your voice. phrase.

How do you tell someone they’re talking too loud?

This way you’re seeking help for a common problem. Acknowledge your own sensitivity to noise, and express your grievance in terms of your unfortunate hypersensitivity. Say something like, “In the office, your voice carries, and I can hear it very easily.” Ask for help with the situation and listen to recommendations.

What does it mean to give freely?

willingly If someone gives or does something freely, they give or do it willingly, without being ordered or forced to do it. He shared his knowledge freely with anyone interested.

What is another word for talking loud?

To talk more loudly or plainly. exclaim. raise your voice. shout. speak out.

How do you describe scolding?

Definition for scolding (2 of 2) verb (used with object) to find fault with angrily; chide; reprimand: The teacher scolded me for being late. verb (used without object) to find fault; reprove. to use abusive language. noun. a person who is constantly scolding, often with loud and abusive speech. common scold.

What part of speech is sharply?

to make sharp or sharper. sharp. part of speech: adjective derivations: sharply (adv.), sharpness (n.)

What is the adverb for bad?

The word bad is an adjective and should be used to modify nouns and pronouns. Badly, like most words ending in -ly, is an adverb and is used to modify verbs.

What part of speech is divided?

divide part of speech: transitive verb inflections: divides, dividing, divided

What is the adverb of bright?

brightly adverb (HAPPILY)

What is the adverb of merry?

What’s the adverb for merry? Here’s the word you’re looking for. merrily. In a cheerful or merry manner. Synonyms: cheerily, mirthfully, cheerfully, gaily, smilingly, gayly, happily, jovially, jocosely, brightly, heartily, gleefully, genially.

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