What does Arraso mean in Korean?

??? means i see what you said. = I see. ??? means i see what you said.

Similarly, it is asked, what is the meaning of Arasso in Korean?

The word arasso is used in Korean meaning understood,Understand,okay?, alright,okay.

Furthermore, what is the meaning of Sunbaenim in Korean? ”. It is a Korean term used to address someone who is older than you in the work force or in an education system. This does not mean a good 10 years older than you, but someone who is maybe 2–7 years older than you.

In this way, what does Arraseo mean in Korean?

It means sort of ‘okay’ ‘I see’ ‘I understand’. ‘ I don’t want you to come near me ever again’ ‘Arraseo (???)’ ‘I’m going out with my family so I won’t be able to talk’ ‘???’ It means sort of ‘okay’ ‘I see’ ‘I understand’. ‘I don’t want you to come near me ever again’ ‘Arraseo (???)’

What is Jinja Korean?

? (jinjja) means really. This is one of the most common expressions used in day to day Korean conversation.

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What does Eottoke mean?

??? (eottoke) – how/what to do? Ah…the quintesential eottoke… Actually eottoke literally means “how” and is also use in your normal question like “how to make a… blabla.” etc. However, what’s interesting is that Koreans use eottoke in place of “what to do”.

What is Aigoo?

Aigoo. A word used to show frustration. The Korean equivalent of “aw man!” or “geez.”

What is Mollayo in Korean?

(I don’t know.) Like other Asian countries, Korean people don’t like saying “No!” Instead of saying ‘? ??? (jal mollayo)’ meaning ‘I don’t know’, it’s better to say ? (jal) which literally means ‘well..’

What is Ottoke Korean?

Ottoke?! This expression means “What should I do now?!” This is usually used when you’re in a difficult situation.

What is Gwenchana?

Korean. ???(gwenchana) is “It’s okay” “No problem” “Never mind” ???(gwenchana) is “It’s okay” “No problem” “Never mind”

What is the meaning of hajima?

HAJIMA (???) means don’t do, don’t, or stop it, depending on the context. Whenever you hear JIMA (??), it indicates a “don’t.” It is placed after a verb to make it negative.

What does Bogoshipo mean?

The Meaning : “Bogoshipo” literally means miss you and is informal way of saying “I miss you” in Korean; the other variations of the word, in a formal, way include.

What does Juseyo mean?

The word juseyo is used in Korean meaning can I have,please.

What does Arachi mean in Korean?

??? (araso) is just like “do you understand?” and ??? (arachi) is like “you understand, right?” or something similar. it’s the same thing from question number 1. i certainly hope this is somewhat helpful, given my lack of outstanding korean knowledge.

What does Naega mean in Korean?

Nae ?means ‘I’, it’s used only with the topic marker ga ?. For example, if you say “I am going to the store.” you would say Naega gagey ey ga ?? ??? ?.Feb 5, 2011” [1]

What does Aish means?

Aish is a sound Koreans make when annoyed or upset is what I’ve discovered. Aish is a sound Koreans make when annoyed or upset is what I’ve discovered. 1 like 0 disagrees.

What is Dongsaeng?

What if you are the one who is older? Then the other person is your dongsaeng (??)! This term means both little sister and little brother, though if you want to put more emphasis on the gender of the dongsaeng you are talking about, you can add yeo (?) for girls and nam (?) for boys.

What is your name in Korean?

The most commonly used word is ?? (ireum). This is used in most situations. Another word that you may hear is ?? (seongham), which is the formal word for ‘name’ in Korean. You may hear this word in more official situations.

What is Kamsahamnida English?

Kamsahamnida (?????), in Korean, means ‘Thank You’. The Korean language can be quite complicated because of the grammar changes depending on the age of the person you are talking to. There are many ways of saying ‘thank you’ in Korean but the safest and most common term is ‘Kamsahamnida (?????)’.

What is Gomawo in English?

It means “ Thank you” in an informal way, mainly used between peers, friends and classmates.

What is the Korean word of okay?

As for a possible Korean word that means similar to okay is “???”/ahl aht suh (informal way), “?”/eung (informal way), or “?”/nae (formal way).

What does Seonsaengnim mean?

Sounds like → suhn⋅ saeng. DEFINITION 1. Seonsaeng (??) means ‘teacher’ or ‘instructor’ in Korean; in most situations, seonsaengnim is used instead of seonsaeng. DEFINITION 2. Seonsaeng can be used as a respectful way of calling a somewhat younger person (e.g. bahg seonsaeng = Mr.

What is Otoke Korean?

Korean. Otoke literally mean “how” but if you only use that one word, it means “oh no.. what am I gonna do about it “ or if another person is saying she had a bad day and you say otoke to that person it could mean “ oh im sorry.

What does Dongbaek mean in Korean?

Dongbaek means camellia flower in Korean.

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