Is there a McDonalds in Iceland?

Reykjavík is currently the only Western European capital city without a McDonald’s restaurant, as Iceland is one of only a few countries in the world where the hamburger chain has no restaurants. The US based fast food franchise once operated four restaurants in Iceland, but the last of these closed its doors in 2009.

Herein, why did McDonald’s close in Iceland?

McDonald’s is to close its business in Iceland because the country’s financial crisis has made it too expensive to operate its franchise. The fast food giant said its three outlets in the country would shut – and that it had no plans to return.

One may also ask, is there a Starbucks in Iceland? An interesting fact about Iceland though is that it doesn’t have a single McDonald’s, 7-11 or even a Starbucks. Instead of 7-11, the massively popular chain 10-11 dominates the Icelandic scene and there’s definitely no need for Starbucks, coffee shops abound in Iceland, as does a robust coffee culture.

Also question is, how much does a Big Mac cost in Iceland?

At the time, a Big Mac in Iceland cost 650 krona ($5.29), and the 20% price increase that would have been needed to stay in business would have increased that cost to 780 krona ($6.36). Fish and lamb are produced in Iceland, while beef is often imported (but also exported).

Is there Burger King in Iceland?

You won’t find McDonalds or Burger King anywhere in Iceland, but after trying Hamborgarabullan’s food you won’t want to. Hlöllabátar is a subway sandwich shop in Ingolfstorg which will fill you up without emptying your wallet.

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What is a typical breakfast in Iceland?

They offer a lot of different breakfast options, with a selection of yogurt, berry compote, soft-boiled egg, cheese, fruit, bacon, fried potatoes, sourdough bread, baked beans, sausages, pancakes, porridge and Icelandic butter. You can complete your breakfast with smoothies, fruit juice, coffee or tea.

Why is it so expensive in Iceland?

According to Iceland Magazine, “consumer prices in Iceland are on average 66 percent higher than in Europe,” with costs in the land of fire and ice outpacing famously expensive countries such as Switzerland, Norway, and Denmark. Since Iceland nearly tickles the Arctic Circle, its climate is not conducive to farming.

Why was beer banned in Iceland?

A century ago, Iceland banned all alcoholic drinks. Within a decade, red wine had been legalised, followed by spirits in the 1930s. But full-strength beer remained off-limits until 1 March 1989. Megan Lane asks why it took so long for the amber nectar to come in from the Icelandic cold.

How much is a beer in Reykjavik Iceland?

Reykjavik food and drink prices USD Food type Price Budget dinner If you want a proper sit-down meal the Icelandic cuisine tends to be pricey. Thai and other international options are cheaper. 14.87 – 23.47 Beer (pint) Look for happy hour deals or you’ll pay at the top of this range. 5.09 – 9.39

What is the drinking age in Iceland?


What is the legal age in Iceland?

15 years old

Is alcohol illegal in Iceland?

Prohibition in Iceland went into effect in 1915 and lasted, to some extent, until 1 March 1989 (since celebrated as “Beer Day”). The ban had originally prohibited all alcohol, but from 1922 legalized wine and in 1935 legalized all alcoholic beverages except beer with more than 2.25% alcohol content.

What food do they eat in Iceland?

Icelandic Food & Cuisine – 15 Traditional dishes to eat in Icelandic Cuisine in short. Kjötsupa – Traditional Lamb meat soup. Svið – Sheep’s head. Plokkfiskur. Harðfiskur – Dried Fish Jerky. Hákarl – Fermented Shark. Icelandic Fish. Hrútspungar – Sour Ram’s Testicles.

How much does a hot dog cost in Iceland?

A hot dog costs ~300 ISK (equivalent to US$2.50) Your choice of condiments include ketchup, mustard, fried onion, raw onion, and remolaði, a mayonnaise-based sauce with sweet relish.

How much is a gallon of milk in Iceland?

Cost of Living in Iceland Restaurants [ Edit ] Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 629.84 kr Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 335.27 kr Rice (white), (1 lb) 159.87 kr Eggs (regular) (12) 662.10 kr

Is it easy to get a job in Iceland?

Those who are not members of the EU, EEA or EFTA have a much harder time and must apply for a work permit or a working holiday visa to live and work in Iceland. When both permits have been assessed and approved, the individual is free to enter Iceland to begin their employment and new life.

Should I bring cash to Iceland?

Do you need cash in Iceland? NO, you don’t need any cash in Iceland and YES, you can pay everywhere by debit or credit card. Note, that some places only accept credit cards with a PIN.

How much should I budget for Iceland?

On a mid-range budget of 12,000 ISK ($100 USD) per day, you could eat out occasionally (at cheap places only), drink the occasional beer, rent a car, and do more paid activities.

Is it expensive to eat out in Iceland?

Eating out is relatively expensive (the average plate will cost between 2,000 and 4,000 ISK), so the locals consider restaurant dining as a treat, as opposed to a regular occurrence. If you are going to be eating out in Iceland every night of your stay, expect your expenses to soar.

What does food cost in Iceland?

While meal prices in Iceland can vary, the average cost of food in Iceland is kr3,783 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Iceland should cost around kr1,513 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

How much is coffee in Iceland?

Sandwiches, burgers, and individual pizzas will usually cost between US$15 to US$22 each, and traditional meals like lamb or chicken plus potato and salad will be US$25 to US$40 at even the cheaper places. A soft drink, coffee, tea, or even bottled water will generally be between US$3 and US$5 in a restaurant.

What is the minimum wage in Iceland?

The current minimum wage in Iceland is 300,000 ISK, and the Federation of General and Special Workers in Iceland (SGS), a large federation of public workers, wants to see that raised to 425,000 ISK.

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