Is there a Hispanic Barbie?

6 Latina Barbie Dolls Speaking Spanish Slang. Recently Mattel launched a Mexican Barbie that caused a negative reaction in the Hispanic community. This new Latina Barbie is part of their new collection “Barbie Dolls of the World” that also includes dolls from Chile, Argentina and Spain.

Accordingly, is there a Mexican Barbie doll?

Welcome to Mexico! Inspired by traditional mariachis and marimbas, Mexico Barbie® doll is ready for any fiesta! Doll wears a bright pink ruffled dress with colorful lace and ribbon accents. Includes “passport, ” country stickers, Chihuahua friend and brush.

Secondly, who is the real Barbie? Barbara Millicent Roberts

Furthermore, are Barbie dolls worth anything?

Vintage Barbie dolls on the market from 1959 to the late 1960s are especially prized among collectors. Often, these Barbies had bendable legs or red hair, and they are considered some of the most rare and valuable. Today, the price of a mint condition Barbie from this era can run close to $25,000.

What countries are Barbies sold in?

Barbie is sold in 140 countries at a rate of two dolls every second. More than 40% of the dolls are sold overseas, primarily in Europe and Japan.

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Is there an Indian Barbie?

India Barbie® Doll 2nd Edition This Collector Edition Barbie doll wears a traditional costume from far away India. Her modern, Indian sari is a rich, fuchsia color, accented with a beautiful shawl. From her thick, braided hair to her distinctive make-up, she’s a classic Indian beauty.

What are the new Barbies?

Barbie’s got a new body. Three new bodies, actually: petite, tall and curvy, in Mattel’s exhaustively debated lexicon, and beginning Jan. 28 they will be sold alongside the original busty, thin-waisted form on

What is the rarest Barbie doll?

The most expensive Barbie doll in history is the Stefani Canturi Barbie, valued at a mind boggling $302,500. This highly prized collectible was manufactured in 2010 with elegant blonde hair and the traditional Barbie features. There are two things that make this Barbie so very special.

How can you tell if a Barbie is vintage?

Barbie Doll ID. Markings: Barbie can be somewhat easy to identify because they all have markings on their right buttocks, feet and the back of their heads. Sometimes you’ll find marks on the stomach which is usually just the mold number and not the year the doll was produced.

How much is a 1999 Barbie doll worth?

That doll was designed to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Another doll sold for $85,000 in 1999. As the introduction to designer dolls, that Barbie was clad in a gold bikini top and a belt featuring 160 diamonds.

How can you tell an antique doll?

Method 2 Identifying Porcelain and Bisque Dolls Check that the doll is made from porcelain or bisque and 1 other material. Inspect the body of the doll for 2 holes near the shoulders. Look at the stuffing of the doll if possible. Look for craze lines on the porcelain or bisque surface of the doll.

How much is a 1966 Barbie doll worth?

They are very rare and can sell between $500 and $1,000 if in mint condition. The second answer is more complicated: Mattel had the Twist N Turn waist for the Barbie doll patented in 1966, and that design of waist/body was used for dolls sold between 1967 and 1999.

How much did Barbie cost in 1959?

$3: Retail Price of Barbie in 1959.

How do you store collectible Barbie dolls?

You can clean them with mild soap and water – or any mild cleaner. Some of the earlier Barbies have a “greasy” look. I would recommend keeping them in a climate controlled area – if they are in their plastic cases – you may want to keep them in a different box – like cardboard, that allows for better circulation.

What is the most expensive Barbie ever?

The most expensive Barbie in existence was designed by Australian jeweler Stefano Canturi. Dripping in a bevy of white and pink diamonds, the doll was sold in an auction for a whopping $302,500.

Did Barbie ever have a baby?

Among the rooms was a nursery for a Barbie baby, which posed a problem: Barbie is technically not married and, technically, she can never have a baby. “They don’t want her to have a baby. Midge was sold as a pregnant doll with a baby in her belly and Alan came in a a set with their son, Ryan.

When did Barbie get a belly button?


How do you restore Barbie doll hair?

Here’s how to give your own Barbie dolls (and other dolls with similar hair) a makeover: Step 1: Mix 1 part water to 1 part liquid softener. Step 2: Soak your doll’s hair in the mixture until thoroughly saturated. Step 3: Hold the head of the doll tightly to prevent hair loss.

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