Is Alison Moyet still married?

Does Alison Moyet have children and is she married? Alison is married to David Ballard with whom she has done daughter, Caitlin, 21. She is also mother to son Joe, 32, and daughter Alex, 30, from previous relationships. She currently resides in East Sussex.

Keeping this in consideration, who is Alison Moyet husband?

David Ballard

Additionally, what age is Alison Moyet? 58 years (June 18, 1961)

Similarly, what’s happened to Alison Moyet?

Singer Alison Moyet has spoken of her regret at losing too much weight following an intense diet, after going from a size 22 to a size ten. Miss Moyet, 51, who found fame in the 1980s as one half of electropop band Yazoo, said she went too far in her mission to shed the pounds four years ago.

How much is Alison Moyet worth?

Alison Moyet net worth: Alison Moyet is an English pop singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $18 million. Alison Moyet is famous for her bluesy voice that has resulted in 23 million albums being sold in the UK alone. She has also sold over a million singles.

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Why was Alison Moyet called Alf?

The recording sessions took three months to complete. CBS suggested the album be named “Alf”, which had become Moyet’s well-known nickname since before Yazoo. In 1985, the success of the album led to Moyet receiving her first Brit Award for Best British Female Solo Artist. Alf also reached No.

Why is Yazoo called Yaz?

The band formed by blues singer Alison Moyet and founder of Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke are named Yazoo in the UK (and the rest of the world), but take the name Yaz in the US because of a conflict with an American band with the same name.

Where was Alison Moyet born?

Billericay, United Kingdom

When was Alison Moyet born?

June 18, 1961 (age 58 years)

Is Alison Moyet touring?

Alison Moyet Tickets, Tour Dates & Concerts 2020 ♫ Alison Moyet is an English singer-songwriter from Essex, best known as being a member of Yazoo and for her solo career. Alison Moyet will head out on her The Other Tour later in 2017, reaching the UK and Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Was Alison Moyet in Erasure?

Alison Moyet, formerly of the 80’s British synth dance duo, Yazoo, with Vince Clark, from Depeche Mode & Erasure(w/Andy Bell).

Who is the lead singer of Yaz?

Alison Moyet

Who sang Only You in 1983?

The Flying Pickets

Is Alison Moyet supporting Tears for Fears?

Alison Moyet will be joining Tears for Fears as the Special Guest on their 2018 arena tour. Tickets will go on sale 9am November 3rd from – check their website for details of presales. Alison Moyet will be the special guest for all the UK and Irish dates of Tears For Fears Arena Tour.

Who was in the band Yaz?

Alison Moyet Vocals Vince Clarke Synthesizer

What group did Alison Moyet sing with?

Yazoo 1982 – 1983 The Screamin’ Ab Dabs

Where in Brighton does Alison Moyet live?

Alison Moyet moves in Moyet, who used to live in Radlett, has said that her new Brighton life is set to be decluttered.

How Much Is Vince Clarke worth?

How much is Vince Clarke Worth? Vince Clarke net worth: Vince Clarke is an English musician and songwriter who has a net worth of $10 million.

What was Alison Moyet band called?

Yazoo 1982 – 1983 The Screamin’ Ab Dabs

Was Alison Moyet in Culture Club?

Culture Club will be joined on the tour by special guest Alison Moyet, who has achieved worldwide fame and recognition, both as half of influential duo Yazoo, and as a solo artist.

What school did Alison Moyet go to?

James Hornsby School South Essex College London Metropolitan University

When was Erasure formed?


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