How old is Arlen?

82 years (1930–2012)

Simply so, how old was Arlen Ness?

79 years (1939–2019)

Secondly, how much is Arlen Ness worth? Arlen Ness Net Worth: Arlen Ness is an American motorcycle designer who has a net worth of $17 million. Arlen Ness was born July 12, 1939. He is best known for his customized choppers and hot rods.

Moreover, is Arlen Ness dead?

Deceased (1939–2019)

How did Arlan Ness die?

At the time, Ness was in the second year of a four-year fight against cancer. He kept riding hard over the next two years, but finally succumbed to the disease March 22 at age 79. He was at his home in Alamo, surrounded by family.

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