How do you get cups on Mario Kart Wii?

* For Mario Kart Wii: You can get cups by getting 3rd place or better in available cups. You can unlock characters by winning 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc races, or through Time Trials.

Just so, what are the cups on Mario Kart Wii?

A Cup in Mario Kart Wii and previous Mario Kart titles is a set of tracks in Grand Prix, VS, and Time Trials modes that a player can race on and try to win. Usually, there are 4 tracks in each cup (rarely 5), and 4 cups in each Grand Prix (sometimes 5 or 6).

how do you get Daisy on Mario Kart Wii? Steps

  1. Get at least 1 Star Rank for all 150cc or 50cc Wii Grand Prix Cups or race in 1,950 races.. Unlocks Baby Daisy.
  2. Win first place in the 150cc Special Cup or race in 2,850 races.. Unlocks Daisy.

Correspondingly, how do you get all trophies on Mario Kart Wii?


  1. Get your copy of Mario Kart Wii.
  2. Choose your license.
  3. Choose the lowest class in which you haven’t unlocked this cup yet.
  4. Choose your character.
  5. Choose “Automatic” or “Manual.”
  6. Do the Shell Cup Grand Prix and earn at least a trophy (3rd place).
  7. Earn a trophy in the Banana Cup.
  8. Lastly, earn a trophy in the Leaf Cup.

What are the 8 cups in Mario Kart?

  • Tracks & Cups.
  • Mushroom Cup.
  • Mushroom Cup. Mario Kart Stadium. Water Park. Sweet Sweet Canyon. Thwomp Ruins.
  • Flower Cup.
  • Flower Cup. Mario Circuit. Toad Harbor. Twisted Mansion. Shy Guy Falls.
  • Star Cup.
  • Star Cup. Sunshine Airport. Dolphin Shoals. Electrodrome. Mount Wario.
  • Special Cup.

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What’s a retro Grand Prix in Mario Kart?

There are eight cups total (four already unlocked). Four of them are Wii cups, and these are brand new. The other four are Retro Cups, and these are courses that have appeared in previous Mario Kart games. The Grand prix is split into 50cc, 100cc, 150cc, and Mirror cups.

How do you unlock the Lightning Cup in Mario Kart?

To unlock the Lightning Cup you will need to choose “Grand Prix”. Choose either 50cc, 100cc, or 150cc(depending on which one you want to unlock it in). You will now need to win at least 3rd place in the Shell Cup, Banana Cup and Leaf Cup.

Who can you unlock in Mario Kart Wii?

Mario Kart Wii has a total of 14 unlockable characters. Baby Daisy – Earn a star in every single 50cc Wii cup. Baby Luigi – Unlock eight expert staff ghosts in Time Trials. Birdo – Play 16 Time Trials or win 250 Wi-Fi races. Bowser Jr. Daisy – Win the 150cc Special Cup. Diddy Kong – Win the 50cc Lightning Cup.

What are retro cups in Mario Kart?

Retro cups are cups from previous versions of Mario Kart. Wii cups are only from Wii. You will know if it’s Retro because it says N64, DS, GBA etc. Those are retro.

What is the 100cc Retro Cups in Mario Kart?

Answers The retro cups are the bottom four cups in 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and mirror mode (Shell cup, Banana cup, Leaf cup and Lightning cup). Since you already have mirror mode, then you definetly have all the Retro Cups: Shell Cup, Banana Cup, Leaf Cup and Lightning Cup.

How many cups are in Mario Kart Tour?

Starting with the Paris Tour, each tour has eighteen cups, and adds new drivers, karts, gliders and courses. During certain tours, mainly ones themed around real-world locations, the game includes one course that is new to the series. Each cup contains three races and one bonus challenge.

How do you get a star rank in Mario Kart Wii?

To get the 1-star rank, the player needs to get 36 points or higher (54 or higher in later games). To get the 2-star rank, the player needs to get 38 points or higher (57 or higher in later games). To get the 3-star rank, the player needs to get a maximum of 40 points (60 in later games).

Can you unlock tracks in Mario Kart Wii in multiplayer?

Plus, you gotta unlock the rest of the cups in singleplayer so you can pick courses from the locked cups in multiplayer. You can unlock Rosaline by doing 50 matches online though.

How do you unlock Toadette in Mario Kart Wii?

To unlock toadette you must play all 32 races in time trails mode you do NOT have to win them just play them then you will have unlocked toadette (with mine after i played the last race i had to go back to wii menu shut down then turn it back on and go back to mariokart it was worth playing all those races toadette is

How do you unlock the double dash in Mario Kart?

Unlockable Bonuses Green Fire – Win the mushroom cup at 50 cc to unlock Luigi’s kart. Battle Buggy – Win the Mushroom cup at 100 cc to unlock Baby Luigi’s kart. Waluigi Racer – Win the Flower Cup at 100cc to unlock Waluigi’s kart. Turbo Birdo – Win the Flower cup at 150 cc to unlock Birdo’s kart.

What is mirror mode in Mario Kart Wii?

Mirror mode is a mode where you race on tracks that are flipped so that left and right are reversed, with the engine class being 150cc. To unlock it, get first place on every cup in 150cc.

How do you unlock characters in Mario Kart Tour?

The Mario Kart Tour character unlock methods are: Tour Gifts, which unlock as you progress through the time-limited tours. The Store, as part of Sets or highlighted characters in the Daily Selects area. From Pipes, a gacha system where you ‘spin’ for a change at unlocking characters, among other items.

How do you get expert staff in Mario Kart Wii?

Other Answers An Expert Staff ghost is a very good time trial time. To unlock it, all you have to do is go into time trial mode and get a very good time, then you unlock an expert staff ghost. In order to unlock an Expert staff ghost time, all you have to do is beat the regular staff ghost time by at least 5 seconds.

How do you get better at Mario Kart Wii?

Here are some general tips: Make your turns as tight as possible. You may fall off a cliff a few times while getting good at this, but it helps to beat people who make wider turns. Use a bike. Analyze where everyone else is and act accordingly. Try the different control styles and find the one that works best for you.

How do you unlock Bowser Jr in Mario Kart Wii?

Achieve One Star or better in all 100cc Retro Cups. The retro cups include Shell Cup, Banana Cup, Leaf Cup, and Lightning Cup. At the end of each cup (four tracks), you will receive a rating from F (worst) to Three Stars (best). Earn One Star or better on all four of these cups, and you’ll unlock Bowser Jr.

How do you unlock Rainbow Road?

To unlock it you have to beat the shell and banana cups in 3rd place or higher, then you’ll get the leaf cup. Is rainbow road in the special cup? Yes. It’s the last level in the special cup.

Who is Daisy in Mario Kart?

Princess Daisy, or simply Daisy, is a female character in the Mario series. She is a Medium character just like her best friend Princess Peach. (except in Mario Kart 7, where she is considered “light” which is traditionally the lightest, but in Mario Kart 7 light is the second lightest, beaten by tiny.)

Who is Rosalina in Mario Kart?

Rosalina is a recurring character that debuted in Super Mario Galaxy, first appearing in the Gateway Galaxy. She is a very powerful figure, as her duty is to watch over and protect the cosmos, while also serving as the adopted mother of the Lumas, and commanding the Comet Observatory.

What is the fastest car in Mario Kart Wii?

The Top Ten 1 Yoshi – Mach Bike. Not only fast but has good of everything! 2 Funky Kong – Flame Runner. The best combo by far. 3 Baby Luigi – Blue Falcon. 4 Toad – Quacker. 5 Rosalina – Shooting Star. 6 Koopa – Mini Beast. 7 Dry Bowser – Flame Runner. 8 Daisy – Mach Bike.

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