What is the name of the tactical logistics portion of the Army ERP solution GCSS-army?

Global Combat Support System-Army

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In this manner, what does ERP stand for in GCSS Army?

Global Combat Support System – Army

Correspondingly, what does ERP stand for? Enterprise resource planning

Accordingly, what is Army Gfebs?

General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software tool built on Systems Applications and Products (SAP) that provide reliable data to better enable the Army leadership (Active, Guard, Reserve) to make decisions in support of the Warfighter.

What is data sorting and filtering?

In addition to sorting, you may find that adding a filter allows you to better analyze your data. When data is filtered, only rows that meet the filter criteria will display and other rows will be hidden. With filtered data, you can then copy, format, print, etc., your data, without having to sort or move it first.

What is Pbuse?

PBUSE is a web-based system designed to sustain army and joint special operations command (JSOC) property book accountability and unit-level logistics functionality.

What is the difference between sort and filter data?

Essentially, sorting and filtering are tools that let you organize your data. When you sort data, you are putting it in order. Filtering data lets you hide unimportant data and focus only on the data you’re interested in.

What is the difference between sort and filter feature in MS Excel?

The filter tool gives you the ability to filter a column of data within a table to isolate the key components you need. The sorting tool allows you to sort by date, number, alphabetic order and more.

What is the main difference between sorting and filtering data in GCSS-army?

You sort data to quickly organize your data and to find the data that you want. You filter data to display only the rows that meet criteria that you specify and hide rows that you do not want displayed, for one or more columns of data.

What will wave 2 replace?

GCSS-Army will replace the Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE) System, the Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced (SAMS-E), and the Standard Army Maintenance System Installation Enhanced (SAMS-IE).

When did GCSS-Army start?

The idea of a single unified logistics system had been kicking around the Army for nearly a decade before the GCSS-Army program was launched in late 2007, Tart said.

Who owns GCSS A?

Northrop Grumman

Who uses GCSS?

U.S. Department of Defense logistics specialists

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