Is cycling in Thailand safe?

Safety concerns when cycling in Thailand

Generally speaking, Thailand is a relatively safe and friendly country, although it is not certainly the safest country on Earth.

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Similarly one may ask, are bikes cheaper in Thailand?

A bike that, when you came to sell it, you could recoup a decent percentage of its initial cost. The cost of buying a motorbike in Thailand is probably much cheaper than you may think.

Beside this, can I rent a bicycle in Phuket? There are some bike rental shops in Phuket, both online and offline. They are easy to find in resort towns like Patong and Kamala. Some hotels and guesthouses in Phuket allow you to rent motorbikes, as well.

Keeping this in consideration, can you cycle in Phuket?

Yes, you guessed right – on a bicycle. Phuket is home to many kilometres of well-maintained roads, meandering in-between hills, lush green jungle and sparkly lakes. The landscapes are simply stunning. And despite the notion of stereotypical dangerous Thai roads, you can stay safe on a bike in Phuket.

How much do bicycles cost in Thailand?

For a lower-end used bike you can expect to spend between 1500 and 3500 THB, though that lower end is for direct sales via a friend or classified ad. I never saw or read about a used bike going for less than 2,000 THB in a shop and 2,500 seems to be a common price point.

How much does a bike cost in Thailand?

Brand new bikes are from around 40,000 baht upwards. But you can pick up a second hand scooter in good condition for 15 – 20,000 Baht easily.

How much does a moped cost in Thailand?

The mopeds cost only 150 Thai Baht per day ($4.19 USD), 200 Baht for a nice, brand new 125cc moped, 300 Baht for a small motorcycle. Those are flat rates, there are no hidden fees or any extra costs or taxes like at a car rental company. It’s 150 Baht per day, period.

How much does it cost to hire a scooter in Phuket?

Hire rates tend to be 150-200 baht a day.

How much is it to rent a Motorbike in Thailand?

What to Bring to Rent a Motorbike in Thailand. Cash. Budget roughly 150 to 450 baht ($5 to $15 USD) per day, depending on your motorbike preference.

Is it safe to cycle in Bangkok?

Just remember, with good preparation and some planning, cycling in Bangkok is not more dangerous than cycling in any other place in the world and a hell of a lot of fun!

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