Can you wear jeans to Daniel’s Broiler?

You will not feel out of place business casual or even smart jeans with a collared shirt. … The dress code for this restaurant is business casual.

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Similarly, can you wear shorts to Daniels Broiler?

5 Answers. Don S. Seems to be whatever you want . We’ve seen guys in shorts and hats to everyone in suits and business attire.

Also to know is, is there a dress code at El Gaucho? We do not have a formal dress code and are welcoming our guests in whatever attire they feel most comfortable, while the majority of our guests are generally dressed in casual or smart casual.

Hereof, what hotel is Daniel broiler?

the Hyatt Regency Seattle

What restaurants are owned by Schwartz Brothers?

These concepts include Daniel’s Broiler® Prime Steaks and Chops in Bellevue, Leschi Marina, and South Lake Union, Chandler’s Crabhouse, Spazzo, and Schwartz Brothers Bakery in Renton and Seattle.

Who owns Daniels Broiler?

Schwartz Brothers Restaurants

Who owns Schwartz’s Bakery?

The bakery has been owned and operated by members of our family—the Schwartz family—since 1973.

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