Is contact paper good for shelves?

Smooth on one side and sticky on the other, contact paper has been long loved for practical purposes like lining drawers and shelves.

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Moreover, can parchment paper be used as shelf liner?

Contact Paper, Gift Wrap and Parchment Paper

You can also line your shelves with gift wrapping paper or parchment paper, both of which you can buy at big box stores.

Additionally, can you use shelf liner contact paper? In addition, adding shelf liner can help transform your kitchen without doing a full renovation. Each liner is decorative and functional. Over the years, Con-Tact® Brand liners are used for contact paper projects.

Also, how do you lay contact paper on a shelf?

How do you put contact paper on without bubbles?

Press the exposed adhesive 1/4-inch section of the contact paper against the surface you wish to cover, using the fingertips of one hand. Work slowly from one corner of the strip to the other, smoothing and pushing the contact paper to avoid wrinkles and air bubbles.

What can I use for shelf paper?

Aluminum Foil. You probably already have aluminum foil in your kitchen, and it can be used as shelf paper. It is inexpensive, plentiful and easy to find.

What can I use instead of shelf liner?

The following DIY drawer and cabinet lining solutions won’t cost you a dime:

  • Wax paper.
  • Wrapping paper.
  • Extra rolls of wallpaper.
  • Leftover linoleum flooring sheets.
  • Starched pieces of leftover fabric.

What is an alternative to contact paper?

Using other craft supplies in its place–such as foil or construction paper–with a simply adhesive such as a glue stick, hot glue gun or rubber cement instead of contact paper’s inherent sticky backing, can allow you to make fun, decorative crafts that appear sturdier as a result of their opacity relative to contact …

What is the easiest way to apply contact paper?

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