Is a Kindle Gift Card different than an Amazon Gift Card?

Are Amazon and Kindle gift cards the same? Yes, they are! The only difference is the packaging, so “Kindle gift cards” have the Kindle logo on them (for eGift cards and Print at Home cards) or a design that says “Happy Reading!” (for physical gift cards that come in a greeting card).

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Similarly one may ask, how do I use an Amazon gift card for Kindle books?

Have a Kindle Gift Card? Here’s How to Use It. Simply click the “Enter Your Code” button below, enter your code in the box provided, and click the “Apply” button. Then, go shopping for devices, books, accessories, and millions of other items at

Beside above, is Amazon a Kindle? Amazon Kindle is
Developer Amazon
Introductory price Kindle 1: US$399

Also to know is, what Gift Card do you use for a Kindle?

Give the gift of reading. Amazon Gift Cards are good for Kindle books, accessories and millions of other items on Shop for Kindle Books and a lot more with your gift card. This Gift Card may be redeemed for Amazon Kindle books and millions of other eligible items at

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