Did Ender kill Bonzo and Stilson?

It is revealed that Ender killed Bonzo when they fought. They are discussing Graff’s future, unsure whether he was arrested or promoted, since Ender succeeded brilliantly, but a student died under Graff’s command. They also mention that Ender also killed Stilson, although he does not know it.

Herein, what happened to Stilson in Ender’s Game?

To make his victory complete and ensure that neither Stilson nor any of his gang would ever come after him again, he then kicked Stilson several times in the groin, ribs, and face. Stilson subsequently died from his injuries, however Ender did not know this until years later.

Similarly, who did Ender kill in Ender’s Game? Stilson

Also question is, how did Bonzo die in Ender’s Game?

Evading him with the slipperiness of his still-soapy skin, Ender quickly ended the battle by hitting Bonzo in the face with the back of his head as Bonzo attempted to avoid an expected attack to his groin. Unknown to Ender at the time, this attack killed Bonzo.

What does Bonzo hate most about Ender?

Explain. When Dink begs Bonzo not to hurt Ender, Bonzo stops smiling “the smile of control” because he hates that Ender matters to other people. After the fight in the shower, Ender realizes Peter was right about one thing.

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How is Ender smart?

There is no doubt that Ender is an extremely intelligent character. His intelligence and emotional stability is what got him to Battle School in the first place. What is great about Ender is that he is not only book smart, but he is also incredibly street smart.

Did Ender find a home for the Queen?

Empathizing with the Queen, Ender promises to find her a home to grow where the Buggers would not be annihilated by the humans. After writing the book, Ender and Valentine depart in a ship in an attempt to find a planet that would allow the Queen to grow, and that they could call their new home.

Why is Ender called a third?

Ender is a very loving boy that loves his sister and loves his parents. He hates being called a third, but the name is given to him because people are only supposed to have two children, but the Wiggins were allowed three.

How old is ender when he defeated the buggers?

At only six years old, Ender Wiggin was taken from his family to battle school in an attempt to train him to destroy the buggers.

What happens in chapter 2 of Ender’s Game?

Summary. The second chapter begins with a conversation between the same two adults, who apparently approve of the way that Ender dealt with Stilson, comparing his actions to those of someone named Mazer Rackham. Peter decides that he and Ender should play buggers and astronauts, a common children’s game.

How many boys come to beat up Ender in the shower?

Seven boys

How does Peter react to Ender Now that the monitor is gone?

How does Peter react to Ender now that the monitor is gone? He is enraged and wants to kill him playing Buggers and Spaceman. Describe Valentine. She is ender’s loving sister who tries to keep her brothers in tact and keep her family together.

Who is DAP in Ender’s Game?

Dap was a sergeant in the International Fleet and a teacher at Battle School. He was first introduced in Ender’s Game.

What warning does Petra give ender is surprised?

Petra attempts to warn Ender that he is in danger, and he already knows this. His toon leaders escort him to his room, where Dink has left him a message of warning. Ender is only able to sleep when he thinks that surely the teachers will keep him safe outside of the battleroom.

How does Ender win the final battle?

Ender wins the battle by destroying the planet that the enemy lived on, and the room explodes in cheers. Ender is angry with Rackham and Graff for using him. He did not want to hurt anyone and now has destroyed an entire race without his knowledge.

Why does Ender want Peter to love him?

He learns his enemies so well that he almost loves them, and then he destroys them. Ender does not want to destroy. Valentine thinks he means that he will never be able to beat Peter, but she does not understand that he only wants Peter to love him. Valentine appeals to Ender, for her sake, to go save mankind.

What is the third invasion?

The First and Second Invasions were by the Bugger’s (or Formics) attacking the Earth, but the Third was the humans (commanded by Ender) attacking the Bugger worlds. The Third Invasion was eventually called the War of Xenocide (destruction of alien species), and Ender became known as the great Xenocide.

What are thirds in Ender’s Game?

From the wiki: Third was the term given to children who were the third born in their family. This term was considered an insult since the birth control laws in the Ender’s Game Universe denote that any family cannot have more than two children.

What happens in Ender’s Game?

Ender Wiggin, a brilliant child prodigy, is Earth’s best hope of defeating an insect-like alien race called the Buggers. Colonel Hyrum Graff of the International Fleet convinces Ender to enroll in Battle School after an incident in which Ender accidentally kills a bully named Stilson in self-defense.

Will there be a sequel to Ender’s Game movie?

There are three possible sequels they could have done: Speaker for the Dead and the rest of the Ender series, Ender in Exile, and Ender’s Shadow.

Why does Ender still expect help from the teachers?

Ender still expects help from the teachers because he thinks that they care for him and want to make sure that no one gets hurt at the battle school because of liabilities, and he’s only a kid so he doesn’t realize that he has to care for himself.

Why was Ender’s Game Banned?

The reason Ender’s Game was first banned is because it was placed on a “hit list” of “evil books” by a Baptist group many years ago, and it was placed on that list for no other reason than that I’m a Mormon, and therefore no children should be reading a book by me.

How old is ender in Xenocide?

Andrew at age 35. Three thousand years after the Xenocide, Andrew Wiggin, age 35, had completely dropped the nickname “Ender”, as the rest of humanity saw Ender Wiggin as a heinous war criminal. Andrew was living with Valentine on the planet Trondheim as a university teacher.

How old is Valentine in Ender’s Game?

In the end of Ender’s Game, it says that Valentine was 25 and Peter was 77, which would mean that he was 52 years older than her. However, Valentine was originally only 2 years younger than him. This is explained as being because she travelled for 50 years in Earth time, but for her, it was only 2 years.

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