How does the Amazon Prime gift card work?

If your recipient is already an Amazon Prime or Amazon Student member, or doesn’t want to use the Prime membership, they can exchange their gift for an Gift Card. The Gift Card will have a value equal to the original cost of the Prime membership gift (including sales tax).

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Furthermore, can I buy Amazon Prime as a Gift?

To purchase and gift Prime membership, users can search ‘Gift of Prime’ on Amazon’s web client or app for Android and iOS. The customer would need to provide the recipient’s email and the name of the sender.

Also, can you use an Amazon gift card for anything? In addition to Electronics, your gift card can be used to purchase other products on, but cannot be used to purchase other gift cards, or Kindle subscriptions such as magazines, newspapers, or blogs.

Moreover, does Amazon Prime accept Amazon gift cards?

Amazon Prime Membership & Video Subscriptions Can Now Be Paid With Gift Card Balance. … Amazon now allows using your gift card balance (affiliate link) to pay for or renew your Prime membership.

How can I get a free Amazon Prime membership?

Airtel is offering one year of Amazon Prime membership for free with its range of postpaid plans. Airtel is offering free membership with Rs 499 Rs 999 in Rs 1599 postpaid plans. With a postpaid plan of Rs 999 and Rs 1599, you can also get 1 regular + 2 free family add-ons and 1 free family add-on, respectively.

How do you pay for Amazon Prime with a gift card?

Go to, sign in with your Amazon account, and check your Manage Prime Membership page to find out when exactly your Prime membership will end. Step 2. Go to the Gift of Prime page, and select the Gift of Prime for 3 months or 12 months, and click the Add Prime to Cart button (see image above).

How much is a Prime membership?

Amazon Prime is $119 for an annual membership, or $12.99 per month.

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