How much is a 1968 Dodge Dart worth?

1968 Dodge Dart GTS Pricing

Currently, you can find a 1968 Dart for anywhere between $20,000 and $70,000 depending on state, engine options, and extras.

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People also ask, are Dodge Darts reliable?

The Dodge Dart Reliability Rating is 4.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 28th out of 36 for compact cars. The average annual repair cost is $597 which means it has average ownership costs. The severity of repairs is average, and major issues are less frequent than average, so major repairs are not common for the Dart.

Secondly, did Dodge ever make a Hemi Dart? Before the 2018 arrival of the 9-second Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon, the 1968 LO23 HEMI® Dart reigned as the most extreme example of a factory-built drag racing machine in history.

One may also ask, how long is a 68 dart?


Doors : 4
Length : 196.0 in | 4978 mm.
Width : 70.0 in | 1778 mm.
Wheelbase : 111.0 in | 2819 mm.

How long is a 69 Dodge Dart?


Length : 195.4 in | 4963 mm.
Width : 69.7 in | 1770 mm.
Height : 53.6 in | 1361 mm.
Wheelbase : 111.0 in | 2819 mm.

How many 1968 Dodge Dart GTS were made?

“In 1968, a total of 8,295 GTS coupes and hardtops were built, of which 2,112 were constructed with the 383.

How much is a 1968 Hemi Dart worth?

Although it wasn’t a bargain by the standards of the time – a Hemi Dart would set you back about $4200 in 1968 – the performance and rarity of these impressive racing machines has resulted in skyrocketing values for the cars in collector circles, with Hemi Darts selling at auctions for between $170,000 and a quarter …

Is a Dodge Dart a muscle car?

One may be even compelled to boast that the 1968 Dodge Dart is the ultimate muscle car. Its small chassis and short wheelbase make it lighter than its siblings, and power-to-weight ratio goes a long way fast with a factory 426-CID Hemi shoehorned into the engine bay.

Is there a Dodge Dart SRT?

After the success of the original Dodge Neon SRT4 in establishing street credibility for both the Neon and the SRT brand, the creation of an SRT Dart – a Dodge Dart SRT4, if you will – seems almost a given, especially since Chrysler has already gotten 285 horsepower out of the 2.4 liter engine, even without MultiAir or …

What body is a 69 dart?

1969 Dodge Dart GT: A-body

Where Chrysler scored big with the A platform was the size of the engine bay. Unlike other compact cars of the era, A-body engine bays were big enough to accommodate just about any engine Chrysler had to offer.

What body style is a 68 Dodge Dart?

Fourth generation (1967–1976)

Fourth generation
Body style 4-door sedan (1967-76) 2-door sedan (1967-69) 2-door hardtop (1967-76) 2-door coupe (1971-76) 2-door convertible (1967-69)
Platform A-body
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What does GTS mean on Dodge Dart?

Like every member of the Dodge Scat Pack, the 1969 Dart 440 GTS came standard with a Bumble Bee stripe for quick identification. The sinister red-lettered GTS trunk emblem stands for GT Sport.

What engine is in a 1968 Dodge Dart?

By 1968, it would carry either a 275-hp 340-cid V-8 or a 300-hp 383-cid V-8, while the base V-8 was increased to a 318. The GTS weighed less than 3,000 pounds and included a high-flow exhaust system and Rallye suspension.

What is a Dodge Coronet?

The Coronet is an automobile that was marketed by Dodge in seven generations, and shared nameplates with the same bodyshell with varying level of equipment installed. Introduced as a full-size car in 1949, it was the division’s highest trim line and moved to the lowest level starting in 1955 through 1959.

What is a Dodge Super Bee?

The Dodge Super Bee is a mid-sized muscle car marketed by Dodge, that was produced for the 1968 through 1971 model years. In Mexico, the Super Bee was based on a compact-sized Chrysler platform and marketed from 1970 to 1980.

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