What is Japanese chiyogami paper?

Japanese Chiyogami Paper, also known as Yuzen Washi Paper, is synonymous with Japanese style and quality. Brilliant and intense color patterns with gold metallic overlays are silk-screened by hand onto high quality kozo paper. Inspired by Kimono fabric, each design is painstakingly crafted by artists across Japan.

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Also to know is, can chiyogami paper be used for origami?

In origami, Chiyogami papers are best used for folding traditional cranes, geometric models, and abstract decorative models. The ink used to print Chiyogami paper can create a thick layer over the base that some people feel makes it more difficult to fold origami models with complex creases.

Accordingly, can I use normal paper for origami? Really, as long as it’s thin and flexible enough to fold easily and maintain a crease, any paper can be used for origami.

Just so, is washi paper expensive?

Obviously as a handmade product, washi is more expensive than regular paper, so these days it has been displaced from some areas. However, there are still many purposes for which nothing but the most beautiful washi will do!

What can I use instead of Japanese paper?

Bamboo, cork, cotton, hemp, mulberry, jute and kozo are just some of the options available to you. When choosing paper for your next project, don’t be afraid to move out of your comfort zone and explore the myriad options available to you.

What is the difference between origami and Kirigami?

The difference between the two, is that origami solely involves folding and nothing else – no cutting, glueing or marking. Kirigami on the other hand, involves folding and cutting, glue is allowed too.

What is washi Origami?

This is traditional Japanese patterns printed on mulberry washi paper. It is slightly thicker than standard Origami paper. The beautiful patterns are suitable for many paper crafts.

What kind of paper is Japanese paper?


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