What time will the space station be visible tonight?

Tonight’s Viewing

You can spot the International Space Station at 8:55 pm starting low in the southwestern sky.

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Likewise, how can you see the International Space Station from the UK?

To spot the ISS, look for a bright, white spot of light moving quickly across the sky. The light will be constant, so if it flashes, or you see red lights, that’s a plane.

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Also question is, what does international space station look like from Earth?

From most locations on Earth, assuming you have clear night skies, you can see ISS for yourself. It looks like a bright star moving quickly from horizon to horizon to us on Earth. As suddenly as it appears, it disappears.

What time does the ISS pass the UK?

Date Brightness Highest Point This Pass
28 September 2021 Incredibly Bright 20:07
29 September 2021 Incredibly Bright 19:20
29 September 2021 Incredibly Bright 20:57
30 September 2021 Incredibly Bright 20:10

When can you see the International Space Station 2021?

The ISS will appear in our sky at 8:14 p.m. Friday, September 17 at 10 degrees above the southwest horizon.

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