Are the Peebles stores closing?

Peebles, a longtime shopping staple across Delmarva, will close all its stores on the peninsula by next year, store officials confirmed. Parent company Stage Stores plans to convert all locations to Gordmans, another one of its brands which is mostly based in the Midwest.

Beside this, what store is replacing Peebles?


Beside above, is Peebles in Rehoboth closing? Just north of Kmart on Coastal Highway, in the Rehoboth Mall, Peebles is also closing its doors. In a press release, Stage, the parent company that owns Peebles, said the Rehoboth location will be transformed to a Gordmans in 2020.

Hereof, what is happening to Peebles?

Houston-based Stage Stores purchased Peebles for $167 million in cash and $46.9 million in debt in 2003. In August 2019, it was announced that all Peebles stores, along with all other stores operated by Stage Stores Inc, would be converted into Gordmans stores.

Is Roxboro Peebles closing?

Peebles closing, will reopen in June as Gordmans FREMONT – Like other Peebles stores in Ohio, the Fremont store, 2182 Sean Drive, is closing and undergoing a rebranding. Stage Stores, the parent company of Peebles, is turning the chain store into Gordmans.

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What brands does Peebles?

Peebles stores carry a wide range of kitchenwares from manufacturers such as Calphalon, Kitchenaid, Keurig, Paula Deen and Pfaltzgraff. The stores also stock a full range of women’s, men’s, juniors and baby clothes. Women’s brands stocked include DKNY, Hannah and Rebecca Malone.

Who bought out Goody’s?

In 2006 Goody’s became a privately held company again when it was acquired by GMM Capital and Prentice Capital Management in January 2006. Sales in 2006 totaled $1.6 billion.

What is an off price retailer?

Definition of ‘Off Price Retailers’ Definition: Off-price retailers are retailers who provide high quality goods at cheap prices. They usually sell second-hand goods, off-the-season items etc. Description: These retailers offer inconsistent assortment of brand name and fashion-oriented soft goods at low prices.

Can I use my stage card at gordmans?

Q: Where can I use my Gordmans credit card? A: Your Gordmans credit card can be used at any Gordmans store. Plus, it can be used at any Stage, Bealls, Palais Royal, Peebles or Goody’s store and online at

Who owns Peebles store?

Stage Stores

Is Peebles in Keyser WV closing?

Staff Writer. ELKINS — After more than two decades in operation, the Elkins Peebles store is closing, with plans to reopen next year as a Gordmans store.

Did Stage Stores Buy gordmans?

Stage Stores acquired 48 stores and a distribution center from Gordmans in March 2017 after Gordmans, whose retail footprint is more established in the Midwest, filed bankruptcy. The purchase also included the Gordmans name along with all of the intellectual property. Stage recently closed its Bealls store at 4100 S.

Is Peebles in Meadville Pa closing?

VERNON TOWNSHIP — A rebranding is soon to be underway at the Meadville-area Peebles. Graham said in a email to the Tribune that Peebles, which has been advertising closing sales, is planned to close in the days leading up to the Gordmans grand opening.

Why is Peebles closing?

The store is conducting a store closing sale in advance of the location to be converted to a Gordmans off-price concept. Customers leave the Peebles in Ashland. It’s holding a closing sale ahead of switching to the Gordmans off-price idea.

Is Peebles in Easton Md closing?

Peebles, a longtime shopping staple across Delmarva, will close all its stores on the peninsula by next year, store officials confirmed. “A limited number of stores may continue to operate until closure is permitted by lease.

Is Peebles closing in Rio Grande NJ?

The Peebles stores in Bridgeton, Rio Grande, Seaville and Browns Mills will convert over to Gordmans on Feb. 18. About a week before, those locations will close temporarily in preparation for the switch.

Is Peebles in Huntingdon Pa closing?

The Peebles in Huntingdon Plaza will be closing in early 2020 and will be converted into a Gordmans. Both Peebles and Gordmans fall under their parent company, Stage, and its community of stores.

Is Peebles in Johnstown NY closing?

JOHNSTOWN — A longtime Johnstown Mall store will be shutting down in February, but will quickly morph into a newly anticipated store — Gordmans. Peebles, inside the mall at 224 N. Comrie Ave., will be closing for a short period next month, a store employee said Friday.

Is Peebles in South Hill VA closing?

Stage Stores closing South Hill’s Peebles distribution center. Stage Stores, Inc., recently announced that, as part of a plan to increase the efficiency of its distribution network, the Company will close its distribution center located in South Hill by the end of fiscal 2017.

Is Peebles in Prince Frederick Md closing?

5, 2017)—The Peebles department store, which has stood as an anchor business in St. Mary’s Square Shopping Center for about 40 years is set to close its doors this month. “Our tentative closing date is Jan. 14,” a manager at the store said in a telephone interview, Wednesday.

Is Peebles in Amherst VA closing?

Peebles in Amherst set to close; convert to off-price retailer Gordman’s. Peebles in the Ambriar Plaza center in Amherst will reopen as Gordmans on March 17. Peebles in Amherst is set to close and will be among more than two dozen Virginia stores converting to the off-price Gordmans concept.

Is Peebles changing to gordmans?

Stage is converting its Peebles and other department store nameplates to Gordmans in 2020, an off-price concept offering everyone’s favorite brands at prices way lower than department stores. There will be 17 near Gordmans opening in Virginia on March 17. So, the retailer is holding a hiring event.

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