Can you use sandpaper to distress jeans?

One of the quickest ways to fray denim is with a regular disposable shaving razor or sandpaper. These are particularly helpful when going over the zipper area, waistband, and pockets. Just scrape the razor or press the sandpaper back and forth until you get the look you want.

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Thereof, does hydrogen peroxide lighten jeans?

You can use hydrogen peroxide to fade your denim items. It just may take a little longer than if you used chlorine bleach. One thing hydrogen peroxide does is help remove that yellow tint from your jeans if the bleach left that tint behind.

Considering this, does salt water fade denim? Wash in Cold Water

And while small amounts of salt shouldn’t cause any problems, large amounts can wear away at the denim fabric, potentially shortening the lifespan of your jeans. … Even if you purchase a high-quality pair of jeans, they may fade to a lighter color.

Moreover, how can I lighten my jeans without bleach?

If you want a more “natural” lightening agent, an alternative to bleach is to fill the bucket with concentrated lemon juice instead, though this will be much more expensive. It might help to get your jeans damp in normal water before putting them in the solution.

How do I make my jeans look faded?

How do you lighten denim jeans?

How do you rip jeans without sandpaper?

How do you sandpaper jeans?

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