How do you sand a sand block?

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In this way, can you sand cork?

A cork floor is sanded as you would any hardwood floors with tiles, with the notable exception of a floor that has a veneer on top of the cork base. Place a medium-grain sandpaper in the 60-grit range on an orbital sander. It does not matter if it sands against or with a wood’s grain.

Accordingly, how do you load sandpaper?

Simply so, how do you put sandpaper on a cork block?

What does a cork sanding block do?

Cork sanding blocks are the traditional backing blocks for hand sanding. Cork is just stiff enough so that it can sand efficiently, but has enough give so that minute imperfections and changes in the wood will get sanded too. … It’s inexpensive and yet one of the most useful sanding blocks available.

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