What is FGTeeV chase real name?

Chase Ryan

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Also to know is, does FGTeeV say bad words?

I saw a review about cursing, there are no curse words in the videos. Alternative curse words, yes, but no actual cursing. Duddy is over the top and sometimes obnoxious, but it’s not to the degree that some of these reviews claim.

In this manner, how old is Alexis from FGTeeV 2021? Born on 24 July 2006, Alexis Ryan’s age is 15 years as of 2021.

Likewise, how old is chase from funnel vision in 2021?

Lightcore Chase was born on 1 October 2011. Lightcore Chase is 10 years old.

How old is FGTeeV Chase right now?

FGTeeV Chase was born on 1 October 2011. FGTeeV Chase is 10 years old.

How old is FGTeeV duddy mom?

FGTeeV Mom was born on 14 June 1979. FGTeeV Mom is 42 years old.

How old is FGTeeV Duddy real name?

FGTeeV Duddy was born on 29 October 1974. FGTeeV Duddy is 47 years old.

Is FGTeeV colorblind?

Everyone has been asking is FUNnel Dad aka FGTEEV Duddy really color blind. The answer is yes, this is him trying out color blind glasses for the first time!

What is Fgteevs number?

FGTeeV Phone Number, House Address, Contact Address, Email Id

Phone Number Duddy : +1-704-688-XXXX Mommy : +1-704-312-XXXX Lexi : +1-704-735-XXXX Mike : +1-704-901-XXXX Chase : +1-704-524-XXXX
Booking Agent Phone Number Not Available
Email Id [email protected]
Official Website Fgteev.com

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