How many books does 8 GB hold on Kindle?

A free space on an 8GB kindle is about 6GB and a typical book size (texts only) is about 1MB. This means you can store 6000 such books in an 8GB kindle. Some books may be larger than 1MB, but it still should be able to hold 2000 to 3000 books easily. L.I.T.

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Then, how many books can the 32gb Kindle hold?

Similarly, an 8 GB Kindle will be able to hold at least 3,100 books, and a 32 GB Kindle will be able to hold a whopping 15,100 books. Imagine carrying all these books and more in your ereader.

Besides, how many books can you store on a Kindle Paperwhite 8GB? Well, it’s thinner and lighter, of course, and it stores more books than ever: 8GB or 32GB worth, depending on how much money you’re happy to put down. That means it can store anywhere between 2,000 and 8,000 books, which should be enough for even the most indecisive reader.

Accordingly, how many gigs do I need on my Kindle?

The short answer: It depends, but at least 1,000.

They’ve recently upgraded their most basic Kindle to have 8 GB of storage, but even if you have an older model with just 4 GB of storage, you’ll likely be able to fit at least 1,000 average length books on your device.

What is the best size for Kindle?


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