What are some highly controversial topics?

The 25 Most Controversial Topics Over the Last 25 YearsCivil Rights. … Censorship and Freedom of Speech. … Climate Change. … Death Penalty/Capital Punishment. … Abortion. … Social Security. … Artificial Intelligence. … Health Insurance.

What is an example of compare and contrast?

Generally speaking, comparing is showing the similarities, and contrasting is showing differences between two things that are related in some way. For example, you wouldn’t compare/contrast reading a book to driving a car, but you would compare reading a book to reading with an e-reader.

How do you write an introduction to a college research paper?

Writing an Introduction to a Research Paper – What to IncludeIntroduce your topic.Create some context and background.Tell your reader about the research you plan to carry out.State your rationale.Explain why your research is important.State your hypothesis.

How much do research papers cost to write?

If you work for yourself, you should think about charging anywhere from $15.00 per page to $40.00 per page, depending upon a variety of factors discussed below. Over time, as you gain more experience in the business, you will be able better price projects so you receive a fair wage.

How do you write a case study research paper?

How to Write a Case StudyDefine your objective. … Determine who will be the right candidate for your case study. … Identify which various consequences could result from the situation. … Make a list of credible sources and examine them. … Focus on several key issues – why they exist, and how they impact your research subject.

How do you write a body in a research paper?

Writing the BodyUse your outline and prospectus as flexible guides.Build your essay around points you want to make (i.e., don’t let your sources organize your paper)Integrate your sources into your discussion.Summarize, analyze, explain, and evaluate published work rather than merely reporting it.

What are good research topics for education?

🎓 Education Research Topics ListEarly childhood education: learning through play. … Evaluation of the ability grouping method effectiveness. … How does the blended learning approach affect students’ performance? … Growing classes: do learning outcomes suffer from it? … The trends in computer literacy.

What is the format of a research paper?

How to Format Your Research PaperMLA GuidelinesPaperStandard size (8.5 x 11″ in the U.S.)Page Margins1″ on all sides (top, bottom, left, right)Font12-pt. easily readable (e.g., Times Roman)SpacingDouble-spaced throughout, including captions and bibliography