Lazy dull face hacks get that glow


Open large boosts makes the skin appear go scruff and gait, although there many are remedies to minimize the appearance of large pores. But it takes a long time to achieve the desired result. But not to worry because today I am going to share with you a quick fix to disappear large pores to cure pimples and tighten skin in a minute. So let’s get started.
So the first ingredient that you need is one small cucumber. Cucumber has estrogen properties. That can help shrink large open pores and it is also a super skin revitalizing, skin soothing and skin lightening ingredient. So after you have created the cucumber, just press the grated cucumber and extract the fresh cucumber juice out into a small bowel.
So this is around 1/2 cup of fresh – combined juice. The next ingredient that you need is rose water. So add three teaspoons of rose water. Rose water has my estrogen properties that shrink your pores while removing residual dirt and oil from your face. The skin tones moisturizing and antioxidant properties keep your skin younger and radiant.
The next ingredient that I’m going to-do is around 1 teaspoon of aloe Vera The gel is an amazing anti-aging skin cooling and skin lightening gel it’s instantly forms an tighten skin, which are very effective in treating pimples and the swelling and redness caused by it the next England that you need is half fresh lemon juice if you have dry or sensitive skin.
Then you can skip this ingredient this instantly brightens your skin, it shrinks large pores gives you an even tone complexion the next ingredient that you need is tea tree oil.
So I’m going to add two drops of tea tree oil it’s a great way to get rid of large pores, its antibacterial properties disinfect the skin biz cures acne and pimples and makes pore appear smaller. So mix all the ingredients thoroughly and pour the contents into an ice cube tray and place in the freezer for up to 2 to 3 hours.
So your ice cubes are ready you can use it any time of the day whenever your skin looks dull, tired, lifeless or greasy or whenever you want to cure pimples or acne or whenever you pose appear enlarged all. You want an instant lift to your skin just grab one ice cube and rub it for a minute all over your face and then rinse off with cool water this recipe does wonders to your skin.
So try this and share results with me. So thanks everyone take care and bye bye.