How to use Fairness Cream and look bright


Hello everyone! Welcome to my web site. Two skin whitening treatment to make your skin appear lighter, whiter and brighter. So as you know the market is flooded with skin lightening creams and lotion, that promises to give you a lighter skin tone. But unfortunately some of the skin whitening creams or fairness lotions contain harsh skin whitening agents.
That can damage the outer layers of your skin. So to help you get rid of this problem without damaging your skin. I’ve come up with an amazing skin whitening seven-day treatment. So let’s find out what are the ingredients that you need to prepare this treatment to make the stoner. You need simple kitchen ingredients. So the first ingredient that you need is milk.
So take around 1 TSP of milk, then add 1 TSP of honey. The next ingredient that you have to add is 1 teaspoon of sweet of lemon juice. Let’em bind all the ingredients until you get an even consistency. So as you can see the skin whitening toner is ready. So I’ll share with you, how to use this soak. A cotton pad in this solution and apply it all over your face and neck 15 to 20 minutes. And then wash off with cool water.
So you have to use this toner regularly for 7 days. To see the result first ingredient that you need is sandalwood powder. So you need one teaspoon of sand good powder. Then add 1 teaspoon of licorice powder, also known as Malita. So these two ingredients are powerful skin lightest. They reduce the melanin in your skin and improves your complexion and appearance of your skin. So the next ingredient that going to add Aloe Vera gel.
Aloe Vera is a one of the best, nature’s skin lightening gel. So you need 1 teaspoon of this gel and the final ingredient that going to add milk. So just add enough milk to get a smooth paste. So before applying this pact make sure to wipe your face with rose water. To get rid of any impurities from your skin and then apply a thick layer of this beast like this. So once you washed with this procedure your face with cool water and massage some vitamin E oil.
So use the whitening mask in the morning and toner every night before bedtime. So follow both these steps and share the results with me. Thanks everyone take care and bye bye.