How to Skin Brightening with Chandan Face Wash


Hi everyone! Welcome to my web site. On this topic, I’m going to discuss with you an instant skin brightening. Chandan face wash for a perfectly clear growing complexion in winter. This face wash removes surface impurities without causing skin dryness. Or without disturbing your skin’s pH balance. It reduces the appearance of scars and marks, repairs damaged skin cells. Improves the tone, elasticity clarity and glow of your skin. So let’s find out how making this ace wash recipe at home to prepare. The first ingredient that you need is honey.
So I’m going to add around 4 teaspoons of honey. Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce scaring wrinkles and repels dry damaged sin cells. The next ingredient that I’m going to add as Thunderbird products. I’m using their tricks and wood powder. One of the few of sandalwood powder. I’m going to add around 1/2 a teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Now in case if we don’t have sandalwood powder you can also use a sandalwood essential oil.
You can add 4 to 5 drops of sandalwood essential oil. Sandalwood has a cooling and exfoliating effect on your skin. Apart from this is a well-known skin toner and a skin lightening and brightening agent. That reduces skin discoloration and brightens your skin tone. And it is also rich in antiseptic and antibacterial properties that prevents pimples and acne. The next ingredient that I’m going to add is skill screen. So I’m going to add one teaspoon of glycerin. This is an awesome humectant. It prevents skin dryness Indian siskins moisture level.
Leaves skin clear, healthy soft and smooth. So this is suitable for all skin types and finally I’m going to add is orange essential oil. You can also use grapefruit or lemon essential oil. Orange essential oil is very beneficial for fighting skin dullness, sports and marks. So I’m going to add two drops of orange essential oil. Now mix it well so you get this type of consistency. Now the best thing about this is that you can use it as a face wash, or you can also use it as a face mask. So you can store this in a clean bottle.
Here comes your delicious sandalwood face wash, so I will discuss you how to use this for best results, supports a generous amount of this into the palm of your hand. Then apply this all over your face and neck. Now slightly with your fingers with warm water and then massage gently with a small circular motion. Like this if you have an acne prone or oily skin, then target mostly in the desert areas of your face. You can also apply this to the area around your eyes and rub gently in a circular motion.
This will help you get rid of your dark, discolored patches around your eyes and also pigmentation marks. So after using this my skin feels soft, smooth and bright the best thing. About this is that it has a very good shelf life. You can store this for up to a month. So try this a Canadian face wash you will be absolutely amazed by the results. It really gives a soft smooth brighter and glowing complexion in winter. So do try this and share your results with me. Thanks everyone take care and bye bye.