How to Removes Spots, Pigmentation, Soft Skin


Hello friends! On this topic, I am going to discuss with you a mind-blowing way to feed scars, augmentation sports to replace damaged skin and you keep your skin baby soft and glowing in winter. So let’s get started, take a bowl and add four teaspoons of rose water. Rose water hydrates revitalize moisturize the skin. Making it soft, smooth and glowing. Then I’m going to add one of the most important and nourishing ingredients. That is the vitamin E oil.
I’m using the lenders vitamin E oil. Now this is a one of the best vitamin E oil specially during winter. So I’m going to add is two teaspoons of vitamin E oil and this is a powerful antioxidant and it’s very effective in the treatment of scar pigmentation and to repair and heal damaged skin. Finally, I’m going to add is one teaspoon of glycerin. This ring is a humectant. That draws moisture from the air to the skin.
This leaves your skin soft, smooth supple and beautiful Emine all the ingredients together and store in a clean bottle. So I’m using a glass dropper bottle. This will help me get the right amount of liquid from the bottle. So I’ll discuss with you how to use this to get mind-blowing results. So take your regular Kohl tree. So I’m using the ponds moisturizing cold cream. This is a generous amount of your cold cream into the palm of your hand.
Then add six to seven drops of this liquid. Mix it well, apply all over your face and neck and gently massage in light circular motions until fully observed. You can also mix this with your body moisturizer and apply it all over your body to keep your skin soft and glowing this leaves your skin extremely hydrated, while reducing scars pigmentation spots and grants you a soft glowing even extra skin.
For best results, use this twice or thrice in a day or whenever your skin feels dry dehydrated or dull. So you can use this as a date, name as well as a nighttime moisturizer the best thing. About this is that you can store this for up to a month at room temperature. So do try this and share your results with me. So thanks everyone take care and bye bye.