How to Remove Tan from Face & Body Skin Lightening


Hey guys! Welcome to super hostile. This is pretty and as you can see I have totally dirty tan my skin this weekend. But instead of being sad about it. I thought of a great idea which was to share my skin whitening routine with you. All this method is totally natural.
So for this you will need some milk, cream, a lemon slice, subdermal powder, sugar and yes 100% pure sandalwood powder. To start by taking about half a tablespoon of milk, cream, and add to this about one and a half tablespoons of sandalwood powder, add some extra powder. If you have oily skin put in a pinch of turmeric powder, and also add some sugar and now mixes all the ingredients very well.
If required you can add a few drops of water to get a smooth paste to demonstrate. The effect of this treatment on your skin very clearly. I have taped off my hand to help you understand better. Of course you can use this on your legs, on your face, and also your underarms for whiter skin.
Apply this mixture very generously. All over your skin and once again sprinkles some sugar into it. Then a few drops of lemon juice drop it with the lemon hop very well. Keep scrubbing till all of the sugar granules have totally melted into the mixture and completely vanished as you proceed.
You will realize that your skin is gradually getting lighter. But keep scrubbing guys just keep scrubbing till all of the sugar is completely gone away.
Finally, take a piece of old cloth that you won’t be using ever again and wipe the mixture on your skin. If you’re thinking that this is the result of pigmentation from the turmeric powder, well here’s a quick note after five minutes wash the skin very well with soap and water.
Or else your skin will become extremely greasy and could cause pimples or even infection. The wireless method works like magic let us always remember whether one is light or whether one is dark. Every girl is beautiful when she has a smile on a face.