How to Remove Sun Tan From Your Face


Hi everyone! The boutique madness calm and today on this topic, I’ll share with you three amazing steps on how you can remove suntan from your body instantly. So the first step as a ski just takes a cotton ball tap into the score milk. Gently wipe your skin. Quite thoroughly repeat for about five to six times until all the entities has removed. You can leave the sour milk up about two minutes and then wash up with cold water and as you move.
Milk is a natural skin whitening agent. It contains lactic acid, vitamins and nutrients that, make sure that removes that Sun tanned skin and makes your skin brighter and softer. Now for the second remedy you require brown sugar. If you don’t have brown sugar, you can also use white sugar. So you quite brown sugar, then is half lemon juice. So I’ll squeeze this lemon check out the juice this is the half.So this is lemon juice and coconut oil. Few drops of coconut.
So once a desire done just take few amount of this and gently mix.And then if you amount on your arms and gently scrub. Brown sugar is a great exfoliant. It eliminates raft and dead skin cells and leaves skin smooth, clear without drying your skin. And lemon juice as you know, it contains bleaching properties that lightens your tan skin and reveals Fairs smooth skins.
So scrub gently. Scrub for about for three to four minutes. Then our rinds your and with cold water. Now the third step to remove suntan is take our this is a clay a Multani mitti. All in syphilis earth and ground flour. So I have taken equal parts of the Multani medium ground flock. And then I require a cucumber juice. So this is 1/4 of cucumber, sliced and peeled and which I have made into juice. Then add this cucumber juice. Now take a rose water.
Just add four drops of rose water and then gently combine the mixture. Give a nice smooth consistency Marcus pack is ready. So what we have to do is take any brush. Dip into this mixture and then we gently apply on our effect onto the affected area. So apply a thick coat and leave until it dries completely before you rinds with cool water. So as you know the cucumber juice has been cooling and soothing properties.
That reducer sir, are early inflammation and redness constitute harmful UV damage, whereas grandpa and Multani mitti contains powerful cleansing properties. That feeds suntan skin and make skin naturally whiter and cleaner. So these were the three remedies to remove suntan from your skin. So thanks everyone for reading my topics. Thanks everyone and take care.