How to remove our skin glow within 7 days


Hello, friends welcome to my web site back and in this topic. I’m going to share it you a super skin glow mask. I normally use this mask whenever there is any special occasion and I want to look beautiful Chloe and naturally a bright and fair. So let’s find out how it can prepare the super skin glow mask to prepare this mask the first thing that you need is a Multani mitti powder also known as Fuller’s earth so you can see this removes all the sweat and impurities and leaves your skin soft smooth clean and supple and it also gives you a chilly really bright and fairer skin tone.
So, I’m going to add one teaspoon of Multani mitti powder the next thing that I’m going to add is bentonite clay this is extremely beneficial for those with oily, acne prone and combination skin types now in case if you don’t have bentonite clay you can also use Qlink a cooling clay is suitable for all skin types including your dry and sensitive skin.
I am going to add around 1 TSP of bentonite tea the link to this product I’ll share in the description box below the next thing that I’m going to add is honey 2 teaspoons of honey honey brings a beautiful radiant glow on your face and it leaves your skin clean clear and extremely soft and moisturized.
So there we go the next thing that I’m going to add is milks when using the packet milk, so you have to use unboiled milk to get best results not the point, one that means you have to use raw milk, so wrong two teaspoons of raw milk the next thing that I’m going to add is one small fully ripe tomato tomato is rich in lycopene and vitamin C.
So it gives a brilliant glow on your face and it also removes sports stars and pigmentation months.
So I just got this at this tomato now the final ingredient that I’m going to add is Apple. So a few apple slices now this is one of the most important ingredients and you just can’t skip it. Because this is responsible to bring a beautiful natural glow on your face, and it will also enhance your facial fairness and will improve your skin texture.
So I’m going to add a few apple slices. So first I am going to peel the Apple. Then I am going to add the apple slices. So three, four apple slices I’m going to add. So what I’m going to do is I’m just going to put all the ingredients into the mixer and I’m going to grind until I get a smooth paste. Friends, I just want to tell you this is super amazing mask and you must give it a try.
So I’m going to add all the ingredients into the mix if you want, you can also add some rose water. Such a convincing skin whitening brightening rejuvenating. You can store this mask in the refrigerator for two and four to five days. Now if you want, you can also do a little bit of lemon juice or lime juice to this paste. But during the winter I don’t prefer lemon juice, because it causes skin dryness.
So I’ll apply this mask and show you how to use this. So do try this mask and share your results with me. See you until the next till then take care of your hands provide.