How to Remove Dark Black Patches, Spots, Hyper Pigmentation


Hello friends! On this topic, I’m going to discuss with you a quick remedy to get rid of dark, discolored patches like meditation and spots around your mouth. The reason behind the dark patches, the cost of the increased melanin production in certain areas of the skin. But no worries because I have come up with an instant solution to overcome this problem.
So let’s get started to prepare the first ingredient that you need is sandalwood bottle. So you need one teaspoon of sandalwood powder. Sandalwood powder exfoliates the skin by removing dead cells, which in turn feeds darker patches and spots and also improves the skin tone. Then I’m going to add is one teaspoon of honey.
Honey is very useful in the treatment of pigmentation and dark spots. Then I’m going to add as the fresh juice of half lemon. Lemon one of the perfect ingredients to bleach dark areas of your skin.
Then I’m going to add is gelatine powder, 1tsp of gelatine powder. So I’m using the non-rich one. You can also use the veg one and Incas. If I don’t have gelatine powder you can use the egg white. Finally, I am going to add three teaspoons of milk. Milk is rich in minerals and vitamins that lightens and brightens the affected area.
To a great extent combine all the ingredients together and then slightly warm the mixture. So that the gelatine dissolves completely. Now with the help of a brush, apply a thick layer to the affected area. Before that, make sure the area is clean and oil-free. Let it sit till it dries completely and then gently peel off and rinse off with cold water.
That drive with the soft towel and finally massage some vitamin E oil. This makes your skin around your mouth extremely smooth and silky, instantly reduces the darkness around your mouth. And chin removes fine lines and facial hair and lighten spots to a great extent. Repeat this procedure thrice in a way to get rid of it completely.
So do try this and share your results with me. Thanks everyone take care and bye bye.