How to make your laptop run faster (3 simple steps)


Hi friends! Today is going to be showing you guys, how to make your PC run smoother and just make it better. Basically, in three very easy straightforward steps and just perfect loads. I’m just going to be showing you guys how to basically optimize your PC and to make it run smoother.
So the first step is you just want to head over to the start button and in the search bar you want to type in run and just hit enter. Now, once you’re on the run you want to type in the %temp% and just hit OK or Enter. And as you guys can see we’ve got random files.
That the computer doesn’t need and they’re taking up space. So what we want to do is just delete them and you want to press Ctrl-a to select them all, and just delete them. So we’re just going to and don’t worry about deleting anything you need because the computer won’t let you don’t delete anything you need.
So something to worry about. So I’m just going to skip this continue. Guys can see it won’t let me delete absolutely everything, but as you guys can see deleted all the files, that I don’t need.
So the next step, can close that down. Now and the next step is to again. Go to the start button, type in run and hit enter, but this time we’re going to type in prophetic and just hit enter or okay. And as you guys can see some more files, that the computer does not need. But they’re taking up loads of space.
So we’re just going to go ahead and delete this. So ctrl+a to select them all, and go ahead and delete these files okay. So as you guys can see they’re gone. And let’s move on to the third and final step.
Now some you guys might have heard of this the disk cleanup. You can just type “disk cleanup” in the start search bar, and click on Disk Cleanup, then select the Drive C. then click Ok. There has a new popup page. You need, this is just all stuff that your computer does not need. So go ahead and check all these boxes.
So I’m just going to go ahead and check them all alright. So once you’ve done that hits ok or enter and it’s going to ask you to permit, don’t worry again just go ahead and delete them, and it’s going to start basically cleaning up your desk, and just making it more able and again your computer.
You guys will see that your computer run a lot faster a lot smoother. I will see you guys in the next topics. good bye.