How to make body mask for Lustrous


Hello friends! I’m sharing with you a homemade super hydrating and deep moisturizing body mask. Comes from this works in just 10 minutes. This helps you get rid of your dry, flaky dead skin cells without irritating your skin. It also removes surface impurities without causing skin dryness, rich in nutrients and naturally Amulius. It leaves your skin extremely lustrous, vibrant polished soft and glowing. So without wasting any time, let’s find out how to make this body mask at home.
So to prepare this, the first ingredient that you need is oats. So going to gang the oats into semi fine powder. That we can earn 1/2 cup of oats Segal oats. Oats are extremely moisturizing and soothing and it’s an ideal ingredient for winter. Oats are rich in brightening vitamins and minerals. The next ingredient that you need is 1 tbsp of the C key or unsalted butter ghee contains full of nourishing fatty acids. That encourages deep hydration and miniaturization.
It makes your skin extremely soft and smooth. Then add it’s 2 teaspoons of honey. This is a wonderful skin softening and nourishing ingredient. The next ingredient that adds coconut oil. So I’m using this extra virgin cold-pressed coconut oil. This is one of the finest coconut oil. So add 2 teaspoons of coconut oil. This improves skin elasticity lustrum, it helps even out skin tone. Finally, add this enough milk to get a thick paste. Other than dry and sensitive skin you can add2 TSP of lemon juice for that instant brightening effect.
Mix it thoroughly your gorgeous winter body mask is ready. So I will demonstrate it on my hand. So do it while you are in the shower with your body, with warm water and then apply this mask all over your body and gently rub for two minutes. Apply some more and leave on for 6 to 7 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.
So do try this and share the results with me. Thanks everyone take care and bye bye.