How to make any basic outfit look good


Hi, everyone! Today I’m going to discuss with you. How to make any basic outfit look good. I’ve used items, you should easily be able to find in your own wardrobe. So, I really hope you enjoy it and let’s get into it. I’m starting out by wearing this plain white t-shirt from River. Island and a pair of Top shop ripped knee journey jeans. I love these jeans by the way if you watch my topic you’ll know because, I wear them literally non-stop. so one of my favorite things to do which I think instantly makes any plain t-shirt look better is to roll up the sleeves. So, I literally just rolled them. up but you could add a couple of stitches to it if you wanted to keep. them up I’m just really bad at sewing. and stuff. so I have avoided at all costs. but yeah I just think makes. it look a lot more fitted and flattering and I just think it’s definitely. Something to remember to o another little trick which I think makes. a t-shirt look better is to tie it up on one side. so to tie my t-shirts I just take a clear elastic band and create .like a little ponytail then. I pull it. through the band halfway then twist it, over again it’s basically the same, process as when you do a bun in your. hair I can’t really explain. it I’ll just play it the clip a few times but, it’s so easy and it just makes it look so much, better and fitted again. so next another way to dress up a basic. outfit I think is to add a denim jacket and I’m sure you’ll all have one in your, wardrobe I’m just putting this one over. the top from Top shop. I just think it, makes it look so much, better and I like to wear my jackets off the shoulder. as I just think it looks nicer that way. now I’ve just switched my t-shirt to a black one from Jack Wills and I’m just. pulling it off the shoulder and then. tying up the t-shirt again, I just think it makes it look a little bit more, interesting and yet. I just like to do this if I’ve got a really basic outfit. another thing I like to do is dress up, an outfit is to wear a belt so I’m just. putting on this black and silver. one from ASOS and again I just think it, finishes off the outfit more. I also like, to wear this brown and gold belt from. River Island too if I’m wearing a lighter colored jeans that she’s a blue. one or a white one or something like, that. camel coats can instantly dress up any, outfit and I think they look good either .just kind of resting on your shoulders. or even just normally this one is from Top shop but you can get these from so many different places. I think they’re a really good investment to just elevate. your outfits more and especially. If, you’re kind of going for something more formal. or if, you’re going for a meal or something like that and you just want to chuck something. on I definitely recommend looking into one of those if you don’t have one. I also think the cocky shirt like this one can work orders too. it just adds an extra bit of course the outfit instantly. makes it look more put together.

This one’s from new look. But, I’ll leave similar ones in the description as again you can get these from anywhere one of my favorite tricks. to do is to tie a Czech shirt around my waist so this. one is from Jack Wills. And, I love it so much and I literally just tight round and again. I just think it makes outfit look a lot more interesting. if you, wanted to take at the check shirt style one step further you could also throw a leather jacket over the top this one is from Top shop. I’ll leave similar ones in the description but again. I just think it makes it look super relaxed and cool. And, I just really like, doing this. another trick. I like to do is when. I’m wearing a shirt or blouse that’s too. long for me, I find it clean look sometimes. a little bit messy, if you just took it in so I just create another small ponytail with the bottom of my blouse. and then take a clear elastic and secure. it then you just tuck that in and it instantly looks a lot neater and more fitted than. if you sew just tuck it in normally. I definitely recommend doing this especially. if you’re shorter it just makes. it look so much more fitted and neater and that. is it I really hope you enjoyed this video. And, I’ve gotten a little inspiration from it hopefully you should easily be able to recreate. All of these looks from your own wardrobe let me know if you do and yeah have an amazing day. And, I’ll speak to you all again very soon, Bye.